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Why is Tarrazu Coffee So Delicious?

If you have ever tried Tarrazu coffee, you will know how balanced its flavor is and offers such as fresh finish. It is the best coffee in the world and for all the right reasons. This coffee is made in Costa Rica that is famous for the farming and production of high-quality coffee beans. They also have their own roasting and brewing processes that are unique to the area. Even the most expensive coffee sold by Starbucks was made from beans that are grown in the Tarrazu region in Costa Rica.

If you are wondering what makes Tarrazu coffee so great, here are the top reasons –

Costa Rica Bans Production of Coffee of Low Quality

In Costa Rica, it is illegal to produce low quality coffee beans and only 100% Arabica is allowed. The law was passed in 1989, and since then the farmers here produce nothing but the best. The coffee beans that they produce needs more precision to grow, and the results are stunning. Thus, the farmers in Tarrazu here produce coffee beans that are rich and full of flavors.Image result for Why is Tarrazu Coffee So Delicious?

Favourable Conditions

Tarrazu region in Costa Rica is situated at the height of 4300 to 5000 feet above the sea level. The soil here is rich in dolomite that allows the farmers to grow coffee beans that have the ideal pH, perfect percolation, required size and the ideal aroma. The area also receives the perfect combination of sun and rain that is required to grow the best coffee in the world.

Years of Experience

Growing coffee is the main income for the local families there. The farmers in the Tarrazu region have been growing coffee for many generations now. They have years of experience in growing the top quality coffee. Also, the strict attention to the growing and production of the coffee beans in the region ensures that the standards of quality always remain high. The locals love their land and do everything to protect their habitat.

Coffee Beans are Hand Picked

The people in the Tarrazu do not rush the coffee beans processes. They pick their coffee beans that are the ripest to be sent for processing. Not all the beans from a plant are picked at once. Each coffee bean needs be full of potential and matured to get picked.

Coffee Beans are Roasted in Small Batches

Coffee beans in this region are roasted in small batches to ensure the desired roasted profile. This technique helps in producing the top quality flavor, and the beans are roasted evenly. Since this process is expensive than mass production, most of the large corporations do not use them. Once the slow roasting process is completed, the batch produced is nothing but perfect. Coffee beans from here are exported to countries around the world. Even Café Britt Australia uses this superior quality of beans to prepare their coffee, and this is why they are so popular.

No other region in the world is dedicated to producing coffee that is the finest and the best in the world. If you want to try the authentic flavor, you can try out Tarrazu coffee by Cafe Britt .