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Hassle-Free Party Catering Ideas

Parties!!! Be it a birthday party, graduation, family get-together, Backyard BBQ, where there is a gathering, there must be food. When it comes to birthday party catering in Sydney , if you have something unique and interesting for your guests, your event is sure to be the talk of the town. However, you must be wondering how your menu could be different from the traditional one. You have to think out of the box to add different items in your menu.

You can give your cookies a different name or even try something new, but when you wanted to try something different, ensure to give the right conclusion. Here are some great food ideas that can be added in your event planning checklist that is suitable for every age group.

Plan your menu

How many people are you expecting? What time is your party? These are the two factors you need to consider while you are planning the menu. If your party is in the morning, you can plan full breakfast and a light snack. If it is in the afternoon, you can for full lunch and a light snack in between. If it is a later party from 6pm-8pm, consider dinner party catering Sydney . People will eat and drink more at night than during the day, so plan accordingly.

Set a budget

When it comes to a party, setting the budget is the key. How much are you willing to spend? Set the budget and then start planning the menu accordingly.

Age of attendees

If you are expecting lots of kids to the party, avoid dark-coloured meals, punch, and soups that could cause a disaster in your home. If your guest will be mostly standing and mingle, you can go for finger food. On the other hand, if people can sit, soups and salads are fine to serve. If it is a family reunion, ensure everyone, right from toddlers to seniors, has something to eat and drink.


You can prepare some interesting mocktails or shakes topped with ice-cream and it is sure to be a hit both the children and adults. Make the drink more colourful but make sure it is sweeter so that kids can enjoy as well. Go with smoothies, lemonade, water melon, and apple punch.

Main Course

Deciding on the main course can be challenging as you would be confused about serving a complete traditional dish or try different cuisine. However, it is advisable to have a taste of both in your menu.

Be creative with salads

The main course accompanied by a perfect salad is the way to go. Try to create an enchanting salad for your guests.


The most awaited part of a party or an event is the dessert. It is a favourite one for both the adults and kids. Add trending dessert items into your party catering menu.

However, preparing food for a big crown is always a challenging task, and if you hire catering company in Sydney you could save yourself from the hassle of preparing, serving, and cleaning. Be it a birthday party catering or corporate catering in Sydney , caterers can help you.