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Sharpening knives is one way to make sure you don’t have a dull kitchen knife. One surprising thing, there’s a lot you don’t know about sharpening knives. You will realize that as soon as you’re done reading this article, especially if you use the kamitoko knives. It’s worth noting that knives cut best when you grind them to the maximum. Some of the points to note include;

What can you use to sharpen kamitoko knives?

Experts recommend that you use a whetstone for sharpening your knives. Despite the variety of sharpening tools in the market, some of them will grind you knife’s blade too much. However, using a whetstone, you can sharpen your kamitoko knives without worrying about that. It is a cheaper option, and it has two sides; one side has a fine grit while the other has a coarse grit.

How to sharpen your kamitoko knife using a whetstone

You should soak the whetstone in cold water for 8 to 10 minutes. You then need to hold your knife and make sure it lies 20 degrees against the stone. Sweep your knife gently across the stone starting from the base of the blade towards the tip. Next, you need to flip your knife and repeat a similar process on the other side. Do that repeatedly and finish the job on the smoother side of the stone.

Additional ways you can sharpen your knife

You can also sharpen kamitoko knives in several other ways. You can use a sharpening steel, especially if your knife is not so dull. Besides, you can also use a ceramic plate or coffee mug. Turn your plate or cup on the rough back area and use it to sharpen your kamitoko knife, it works wonders. Finally, you can use electric or handheld knife sharpeners. They are deemed better for quick sharpening.