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What is Afternoon Tea?

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Afternoon Tea Llandudno is a tea-related ritual which was introduced into Britain in the 1840s. This mini meal was designed to curb those hunger cravings before the evening meal.

This meal comprises of a range of sandwiches, which are usually cut into delicate fingers, scones filled with clotted cream and jam, a range of sweet pastries and cakes. We all associate scones with afternoon tea but this wasn’t brought in until the 20 th century.

Usually a private event, afternoon tea was commonly for the ladies who wanted to climb the society ladder. Afternoon tea was later seen as a formal occasion after Queen Victoria engaged in the event which then saw much bigger events known as “tea receptions”.

These “tea receptions” saw hundreds of attendees between 4pm and 7pm, with visitors coming and going as they please. However, afternoon tea as we know it today, is usually enjoyed as an occasional indulgence, in smaller groups or to celebrate a special event such as a birthday, baby shower or simply a catch up with friends.


Although there are no set rules within the afternoon tea menu, some more traditional elements are still seen within afternoon tea menus across the country.

Delicate finger sandwiches, sometimes triangles, will see fillings such as cucumber, egg mayonnaise with cress, smoked salmon and cream cheese, coronation chicken and ham and mustard.

Cakes & Pastries

Afternoon tea is meant to be an indulgence and what is indulgence without a few sweet treats? Usually small and delicately placed a range of cakes are usually available including, rich fruit cake, fancies, Battenberg and various cupcakes. Tarts are popular too which may include, egg custard, bakewell tart, or lemon curd.

Cream tea

A cream tea is more commonly known as scones with clotted cream and jam. A variety of different flavour scones and jams are seen, but typically they are plain scones with strawberry jam. This comes served with a delightful pot of tea.

Champagne afternoon tea

More and more hotels and restaurants offer a champagne afternoon tea which includes the luxury of a nice glass of bubbly, perfect for celebrating a special occasion. Although you have the option to top your glass up for an additional fee, some places offer unlimited champagne, which if you’re not careful, could write you off for the whole afternoon!


There is a whole variety of teas that are available with more and more coming to market as time goes on. Some of the most popular teas include, Assam, which is a strong, full-bodied tea from India with a malty flavour. Darjeeling, another tea originating from India, which is very aromatic with hints of almond and wildflower. Earl Grey, an ever popular black scented tea with bergamot oil and Lapsang Souchong, a Chinese tea which is made over a fire of smoking pine needles giving its striking smoky odour and flavour.

Afternoon tea is brilliant as it allows you to try a few different things rather than just one which you may order in a restaurant whilst out for lunch. So why not try afternoon tea in North Wales , or create your own for your friend for a special afternoon.