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What Makes a Great Pizza?

There are numerous factors in the highly competitive market we have today that may affect an individual’s opinion on what makes a great pizza. After all, the topic will always be opinion-based since each person has a unique sense of taste and it is impossible for one factor to satisfy every single person on earth. Though the topic is debatable, it can be safe to say that a great pizza matches a certain criteria that not ultimately pleases a demographic but most people. However, the lingering question is what are the criteria? Here’s the breakdown.

Homemade or Commercial?

Homemade in this context can be defined as a made-from-scratch pizza. Unlike commercial pizza places which use ready-made ingredients such as tomato sauce, cheese and some toppings, homemade literally means made-from-scratch or ingredients that are mixed within the confines of the place of business at the day of production. Some of the best pizza in Bend, Oregon takes pride with made-from-scratch process that brings an original taste to the product compared to commercial or well-known pizza places like Pizza Hut or Dominos. Though it is not impossible for some people to favour commercially made pizza from homemade, the chances are higher for high-quality cravings to be satisfied by something made-from-scratch.

The Dough

As if the importance of home-made components was not stressed enough in the first paragraph of this article, it is arguably a fact that the dough is the most important component of a great pizza and it is necessary for this precious component to be made in-house. Freshly made dough on the day of the production is necessary whether an individual is looking for thin crust or stuffed crust. How and what the dough is made of will make or break the taste and overall greatness of one of the most revolutionary culinary inventions that the Italian culture has brought upon our race. There are even some dough made with beer and it’s definitely something to check out.


What makes a good pizza is definitely the sauce. After the home-made fresh dough is shaped and tossed, the most taste defining aspect of pizza making is what is in the sauce. Whether it’s a white pizza with pesto and cream or a classic margherita with San Marzano tomatoes, it’s the sauce that will make anybody’s taste buds tingle with delight.

Although it is also important to notice that there shouldn’t be too much sauce on the dish. If the thin crust or the base of the pizza dish becomes too soggy, it’s because too much sauce has been put on it and it does not taste good, all the time.


Alright, this does not mean that the more the toppings the greater the pizza. It is important to have ingredients in the toppings that complement each other, the sauce and the dough. Pizza is art and it does not have to be complicated for it to be great. This brings us to.


Most chef’s will agree that pizza cooks who go mad with the sauce and the toppings and overload the whole thing is not a good way of making a memorable pizza. A great pizza, cooked at a good temperature and with a proper wood burning oven will sizzle and bring the right taste of ingredients to life in a carefully mixed culinary masterpiece. Let the pizza speak of its greatness, not the other way around.

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