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Enjoy All Special Occasion with Wheat Laddu – DIY Recipes

In general, people include several things in their special occasion. For instance to say, if people celebrate a party or a function or a festival a lot of things takes part in their celebration like new dresses, photos, fireworks etc There is a tradition followed by people around the world that is including sweets. Always a dessert or a sweet takes part in every celebration of people and this is followed as an important tradition by people in some parts of the world.

In India, sweets are inevitable one in a function or a celebration. In order to make the function interesting and healthier, different sweet ideas are available today. “Laddu” this is not a word but an emotion for many people who loves this sweet. However, even though some people like this sweet they refused to take it because of their health concern. Hence they are searching for the best alternative. One such best alternative for the normal Laddu is the Wheat Laddu

About Wheat Laddu

This is nothing but a type of sweet which is made by people in India for their family functions. People in India make this laddu recipie as an alternative for the normal laddu. As this laddu is made from the wheat flour anyone can take this laddu. Just like the normal Laddu recipe, this wheat laddu also tastes good and yummy. This laddu is also called as Aatta Laddu as this is made from Aatta which means wheat.

This would be a good treat for the ones who love this sweet. So, why don’t you try this wheat laddu recipe for your family’s special occasion? This recipe would be definitely a good sweet recipe for your special occasion. This is a rich and delicious dessert which suits perfect for any special occasion. This recipe is very easy to make and tastes very good. Making this wheat laddu with the wheat flour and also with the help of starch exported by corn starch exporters doesn’t take much time. You can made this dessert within short time

Wheat Laddu Recipe

Ingredients needed

You need these following ingredients to make this wheat laddu recipe

250 ml of whole wheat flour or 120 grams of wheat flour

Organic unrefined sugar of about 1/3 cups or 1/3 cups of jiggery powdered

1/3 cup of pure ghee

1 spoon full of raisins

How to make this recipe?

If you use sugar take the cup of sugar and grind it to a fine powder using a mixture.

Roasting wheat flour

  • Take a thick bottomed pan and take the given amount of wheat flour
  • Roast the flour in this pan at low flame
  • Stir the flour often while roasting so that it roasts even
  • Roast the flour until it turns brown color
  • After that, add 1/3 cups of ghee to the flour and mix it well
  • Stir this mixture well and keep on string for 5 minutes.
  • Cook until the raw smell of the flour changes and it cooked well
  • Switch off the flame and add the raisins and other ingredients like cashews, badams etc
  • Make medium sized ladoos once the mixture cools down or come to a tolerate heat

Now enjoy your occasion with this laddoo