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The Newest Popular Business that is Trending Are Food Trucks

An increasingly popular trend currently is the food truck. If you are thinking about one as a business venture you first need to write a mobile kitchen business plan.


What is a mobile kitchen? Exactly what you think they are – a kitchen or area to cook that is on wheels. Owners of those might be located at one location for lunch and then move to another location for breaks or when the business day is closing.

Special venues

There are also special venues at large events or festivals where facilities for feeding the crowd are not available. So you just move your mobile kitchen for rent and cater any type of event especially on the weekend. Your mobile kitchen business plan needs to name some of these events and a number of points about what they will bring in.



In doing your mobile kitchen business plan you need a goal and that goal is to paint a good picture for your investors that shows the ability to become successful with a mobile kitchen. By successfully showing this to lender or investor – you will be successful when you show the profits and revenues that their investment will generate.

Questions to answer

You will need to answer these following questions for investors:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What demand is there for this service?
  • What are your biggest competitors?
  • What will make you unique and successful?


What you will sale

You will need to decide exactly what you will be cooking in your mobile kitchen. For example I live where barbeque is very popular so we have a lot of mobile kitchens that make great barbeque. You could make a variety of sandwiches, pizzas or Tex-Mex food. You will also need to put this in your business plan as well as the competitors you will have for this type food.

So, if you are interested in a mobile kitchen as a business – start writing that business plan for your investors.