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Reasons Why Eating Sushi Turns Out Being Advantages for Your Health

Filled with fiber filled rice, fresh crunchy veggies and of course, fresh fish, sushi is undeniably a healthy meal packed with nutrients.

No wonder, these days we notice Sushi Bars all across the place. However you have to stay quite careful because with one step going wrong, you may end up consuming tons of calories, fat and sodium. If you want to stay as fresh as the Japanese people are, make sure that you stay acquainted about the ins and outs of what makes a healthy and fitting sushi roll.Image result for Reasons Why Eating Sushi Turns Out Being Advantages for Your Health

Consider the Calories

There are a few traditional sushi rolls that are prepared from raw veggies, fish, nori and rice. Nori is a sort of seaweed and is pretty low when it comes to calories. Even salmon cucumber roll is quite low in calories while mackerel roll on the same hand is of the came calorie content with additional 2 grams of fat. Shrimp roll would provide you with 0 gms of fat and 199 calories. If you wish to consume fewer calories, start by subtracting a few ingredients from your sushi roll. At times you could even remove the fish and opt for a veggie roll and this will bring down the calorie count to about 170. Just a piece of sashimi, contains approximately 35 calories the moment you are preparing it with tuna. It is good to take less of tempura or fish that’s friend. Avoiding spicy sauce too that’s made of mayo would help your rolls stay healthy with lesser calorie portion.

Nori—high on nutrient level

A sushi rolls outer wrap is known as nori is a staple in Japanese cuisine and this comes with really good reasons. It has abundance of nutrients like Vitamin A, C and B-6 as well as iodine. In case you are unaware of this, seaweed contains proteins which help in reducing blood pressure and is beneficial for your hearts health.Related image

Advantages you get from fish and seaweed

You get high content of nutrient from fish when it comes to your sushi roll or through seafood that you add in the roll. The reason why salmon is good for you is because it contains high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and vitamin D. Again rich in omega-3s is mackerel and it also contains selenium which helps to prevent disease like cancer.