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The Many Types of Professional Bar Service For Any Event

Many great events can be made even greater with a few drinks. But not everyone wants to work the bar at a family gathering or a holiday party or corporate event. Fortunately, you can always hire a professional bar service companies like Jabs Bar to provide you with any of a large variety of bar services to suit the needs of your celebration or event.


if you have ever been to an event with an open bar then you already know, firsthand, how attractive something like this is to those in attendance. The open bar is a complicated service, though, because you need to balance the cost of the event with the overall experience. When your guests are not paying per drink (because you foot the bill) you have to make sure that bartenders are serving appropriate measurements and that people are drinking at a steady and controlled pace. It is not an easy feat, but a professional bartender or bar service company can manage it with ease.

Open bar services typically include everything you need: liquor, glassware, the bar top, wet bar, and, of course, the staff.Image result for The Many Types of Professional Bar Service For Any Event


The cash bar—also sometimes called a coupon bar and/or an a la carte bar—can be ideal for events where you need to keep close (and very quick) tabs on the accounting. Cash bars make it much easier to manage more closely monitored events like:

    • charity fundraiser
    • concerts
    • reunions
    • large scale celebrations


If you are looking for a little more excitement—the bar is at the center of your event—then you may want to hire a flair bar service. This is typically a package that comes with bar artists who can flip and twirl bottles and glassware and make pouring and serving of drinks quite the spectacle.


While the art form has been around for some time, molecular mixology has only recently become a major trend. This highly specialized and stylized type of cocktail-making is almost more culinary in nature, using chemistry, physics, and cooking techniques to create one-of-a-kind drinks that will definitely amaze your guests.