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How Modern Clay Pot Cookers Are Making Cooking Easier

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Clay pot cookers have again started finding their place in modern kitchen shelves. These slow cooking pots are blending the modern looks with traditional cooking methods and making foods healthier than ever. The best part of these cookers is that they cook slowly, so a person can divide the cooking time in other chores too and can have a hot meal ready on the table once all actionables have been taken care of.

The clay pots are not only adding to the health quotient of the food, but are making cooking easier too. If you have chosen slow rice cookers comprising of clay pots from makers like , you can enjoy advantage of easy cooking. It is because:

  • Single pot recipes are easy to plan with these cookers. Since cookers require only putting the food in the vessel and adding spices to it, there is nothing much to be done. The user can simply set the temperature and time according to the recipe‚Äôs requirement and get food cooked without a fuss.
  • The clay pot cookers are available in a variety of sizes and thus, one can pick the cooker as per the quantity to be cooked. The single pot recipes like rice dishes and slow cooked chickens can easily be cooked and served right at the meal time. Modern clay pot cooking vessels come with timers and are automated, so there is no risk of food getting burnt. The vessel will go off on its own when the food is done.
  • These pots are compact, easy to clean and are portable too. You need not assign a special space for keeping them on the counter. Just take them out when you need to cook, thus, your kitchen of any size can accommodate these.

So, the smaller foot print, nil carbon emission due to no use of electricity and healthier food make clay pot cookers a new trend among good food lovers.