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A twist on cannabidiol-infused products for a perfect summer

Summer is here, and it is not just about the places you go but also the food and drinks you enjoy. With cannabidiol or CBD products, your summer vibe will be a little bit more chill. Whether you are going for a hike or just hitting the beach, give your summer a little twist by enjoying these CBD-infused treats.

Turn your CBD Gummy Bears into popsicles

One way to make your summer even cooler is by enjoying popsicles. But to make this even more interesting, you can make your own popsicles using CBD-infused gummies rather than just enjoying plain, store-bought ones.

You just need CBD gummies, soda (any flavor you prefer, but sodas with lesser flavor would complement the taste of the gummy bears), and popsicle molds. Add the gummies together with soda in the popsicle mold and freeze them for four hours. You can check the more detailed recipe here .

Use CBD Gummy Worms to make a punch

A punch during summer is always a good idea. And the better idea is using CBD-infused gummy worms for this punch.

You’ll need a muffin tin, Hawaiian Punch Green Berry Rush, lemon-lime soda, and CBD gummy worms. For starters, you have to put two gummy worms in each cup of the muffin tin. Pour a small amount of Hawaiian Punch in each cup and freeze them for two to three hours. This would be the gummy worm disks.

After the gummy worm disks have frozen, mix Hawaiian Punch and lemon-lime soda in a glass. The preferred ratio would be three-fourths Hawaiian Punch and one-fourth lemon-lime soda. Just make sure the glass is not too full because we still have to make room for the frozen gummy worm disks.

You can add an umbrella straw to match the perfect summer vibe. There is an available detailed recipe of this punch you can check out.

Mix CBD Honey in your summer drinks

Put a twist in your usual honey by having a CBD-infused one. Just use this honey just like any other sweetener. You can add it in your iced tea, lemonade, or even a honey-sweetened peach lemonade. For the latter and more specific type of drink, you’ll need peaches, lemons, water, ice and CBD honey. Just mix these ingredients together in a large pitcher and mix until the honey is dissolved. You can check the more detailed recipe here .

Several CBD products retailers also offer CBD crystal dabs that can be vaped and be added to food and drinks. Other than ensuring the quality, it is also important to make sure that raw materials used were properly processed and regulated. Many CBD companies like PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN), and its main subsidiary, Diamond CBD, are focused on building trust from consumers by prioritizing the development of high-quality products they produce. It means that medical professionals and industry specialists are involved in creating these CBD products.

When choosing the CBD-infused products for these recipes, always make sure that you get them from a trusted retailer. Second-rate CBD products could mean second-rate fun…and we don’t want that for summer.