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Best Cheap Restaurants in Palma de Mallorca

Spain has many exciting and fascinating location. When you are in Palma de Mallorca, you can find different kinds of food mostly influenced by Italy and Spain. The ingredients and recipes are inspired from Arabic and Indian countries. During the last years, more food stalls and restaurants made their way in here. Food critic Anna Ziuzina has travelled a long way to try the most delicious dishes from the best restaurants with a tight budget. Here are here her lists of the best restaurants in Palma de Mallorca for those on a budget:

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Ca’n Joan de s’Aigo

This is the oldest café in Palma with about 300 years of history. The café has two branches in Palma de Mallorca and they both offer traditional Spanish treats like their locally famous chocolate, ensaymadas and pizzas. Generation after generation, the café has found their way into thousands of lives in the area through their delicious and well-kept secret recipes while keeping their prices cheap.


This is a Michelin-star restaurant found in Calvia, a village in the urban area of Palma. The restaurant offers creative cooking inspired by Mediterranean recipes. The restaurant offers first-class and fresh products. Though awarded a one-star Michelin star, the restaurant keeps the prices to a minimum.

El Cruce

This restaurant is found just outside Palma de Mallorca but it’s really good to visit and it’s cheap with a great view of the north beaches of the island. The restaurant serves food fast and has plenty of parking space. The food is simple but delicious and is properly cooked. Locals and tourist alike come here often to enjoy and try Majorcan cuisine.

Celler Sa Premsa

This is a restaurant cellar in Palma. The restaurant looks like a cave tavern that has old win barrels as tables and faded bull fighting posters hanging on the walls. People come here to try Majorcan specialty food like roasted lambs, vegetable ratatouille and sautéed lamb offal served with fried potatoes while enjoying the lively atmosphere. The food is invariably tasty and reasonably priced.


Tast is Palma’s most authentic and most popular place to eat pintxos. Though a small restaurant, it is rather always busy. The menu offers delightful dishes and tapas. They also offer diners a pick your own food, where you can pick your favorite cold snacks from the bar area.

Casa Alvaro

The restaurant is found in a tiny street at Placa, Constitucio. The restaurant offers trendy versions of gourmet tapas and mouthwatering paellas. They also offer chorizo sausages, patatas bravas and garlic prawns cooked in white wine. The place’s interior design is very simple. This is a must try restaurant when you are in Palma de Mallorca.

The place will always have a place in the heart of food critic Anna Ziuzina. She was utterly in love when she first visited. The island of Palma de Mallorca has it all to boast, from great nightlife, a thriving culture scene and beautiful beaches. To top it all, a dining experience that rivals those of Barcelona and Madrid. Find out more about Anna Ziuzina here.