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3 Best Immersion Blenders You Can Buy

Immersion blenders are necessary now in every kitchen. Whatever we are making for the day, an immersion blender always comes in handy. Whether we are making our self a morning smoothie or baking a cake; an immersion blender is always there to mix things up real good and save our time.

Sure, you would have an immersion blender sitting on your kitchen counter. But, let me inform you that there are these 3 best immersion blenders that you can get for yourself, save your time and make delicious meals for your family and friends every single day.Image result for 3 Best Immersion Blenders You Can Buy


The answer to this question is very simple; it will make your life easier and your smoothies yummier. Your favorite juice that took you hours to prepare, will now take seconds if you grind it with an immersion blender.

How to use an immersion blender?

Simple, just put all your fruits or veggies in the jar (which will be included in the immersion blender), plug in your handy blender, put it in the jar and press start. With In seconds, you will have yourself the best and fresh smoothie ever. Also, most of the immersion blenders are dishwasher safe so that is a plus too.

Coming on to the 3 best immersion blenders that you can get for yourself; all these immersion blenders have a 5 star rating and are adored by its customers.


Just like its fancy name, the turbo twister by Hamilton Beach is one of the best immersion blenders that you can invest on. Just in under $400, you can get this amazing blender that will blend in your soup, puree, juices and smoothies with its sharp blades. The shaft of this Hamilton blender is designed for extra grip and maximum mixing of the food. It has 2 attachments and 2 speed options. 1 attachment is the grinder and second is the mixer, so you can make your cake frostings with it too. It is a breeze to use and clean.

  • Cuisinart CSB-79 Smart Stick

The second one on the best immersion list is this Cuisinart CSB-79 smart stick. This blender also functions as a chopper, grinder and whisker. So basically, this one is all you need to do your cooking from. The Cuisinart smart stick also includes a 16-ounce mixing beaker, where you can put all your food or fruit in to juice it out. It has a pulse action, and the pulse control button is right next to the start button. Also, it is easy to handle and wash.

  1. Breville BSB510XL

This Breville is one of the best immersion blenders not just for functions but for its design too. It has a very classical design and color; plus, its work is classical too. It has an 8 inch immersion depth to grind and mix large quantities even in a large long pot. It has an adjustable speed so you can choose how you want your smoothie/soup to be. Also, it has a specially designed handle so you can grip and control it comfortably. You can dish wash it too.

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