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4 CBD edibles that you probably didn’t know about

Cannabidiol (CBD) in food is becoming popular and no one can’t blame its rise in the food market as it merges the healthy and the indulging.

CBD is one of the at least 85 compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant. It is not a psychoactive chemical like the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound, which causes marijuana users to get high. The substance has recently been widely used for several medical applications, mainly to ease chronic pain, anxiety disorders, trauma, lose weight and even help consumers have a good mood.

Although CBD has been more famous for coming in the form of oil, there are a lot of treats out there that include CBD in its ingredient mix. Here are just four examples that are fast becoming a favorite among food lovers:

  1. CBD Gummies

Gummies are loved by many because who can’t resist them especially when they come in cute bears? Aside from coming in different colors, what makes gummies a playful treat is that they offer you a taste of various flavors. This keeps you from making the difficult decision of choosing just one among a handful of gummy flavors out there.

Premium quality gummies are available through Diamond CBD, Inc., a subsidiary of CBD leader PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN ), which offers a very wide range of gummies such as gummy worms, rings, bear, watermelon, ocean animals and even mini fruits — name it, they have it.

The firm’s Diamond CBD Gummies brand is made from crystal isolates that also come in various sweet flavors. Other brands include Relax and Chill gummies, which aims to give you a laid-back feeling.

As one of the trusted brands in the CBD industry, POTN promises to deliver only the best products. The company continues to showcase tremendous growth even in other fields. Just recently, it announced its acquisition of 115 dedicated mining rigs through its new subsidiary, Blockchain Crypto Technology Corp. With it, POTN is able to open up new avenues for crypto trading.

With new ventures already set in motion, it’s natural to expect that POTN is bracing itself to deliver more quality products in the years to come.

  1. CBD Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Although some would tell you to limit your chocolate intake, you can worry less about CBD chocolates ruining your diet as CBD even helps in losing weight.

Kiva Confections offers CBD chocolate bars. Although with THC, the amount of the compound in each bar is at a minimum level to give its user “a sensation of relaxed calm rather than the psychoactive high” associated with pure THC.

They are handcrafted in California and come in two distinct flavors and potencies: 120mg Ginger dark chocolate and 60mg Espresso dark chocolate.

  1. CBD Honey Sticks

Made with 100 percent natural CBD and honey, honey sticks offer a convenient way for you to have your CBD treat anywhere you want it. Anyone can enjoy a honey stick, which can be consumed either as a candy or as a sweetener to your hot tea. Diamond CBD’s CBD Infused Honey Sticks come either in a pack of five or 100, and each stick contains 10mg of pure natural organic hemp-derived CBD.

  1. CBD Cake Pops

A cake pop is presented similar to a lollipop. But instead of hard candy, a cake pop has a soft vanilla flavored cream in the center of a chocolate cookie dough. For its final touch, the cake pop is encased in a sweet icing cover that is usually sprinkled with candies. This is the perfect treat when you cannot decide whether you’re craving for a mouthful of creamy vanilla or a chocolate cupcake.

Diamond CBD offers delicious cake pops as well. CBD Infused Cake Pops come in different colors and contain 30mg of CBD.

CBD edibles are a fun way to get your dose of CBD and the boost you need. Food lovers surely can’t say no to these indulging treats.