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Six Common Side Dishes that Should Go with your Favorite Barbecue

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Barbecues with great but complementing them with side dishes provides them a savory, delicious twist. Barbecue sides at Jarry Smoked Meat transform staples such as potato salad and coleslaw into stunners. Whether you are eating in a barbecue restaurant or preparing barbecues yourself, here are some of the side dishes that should go with barbecues.

Potato Salad

This is an ultimate side dish that tends to please the crowd. For a more subtle note of smoky flavor, consider grilling your potatoes in an aluminum foil packet. Fresh parsley, tangy vinegar, mustard and red onion make the potato salad the best side dish for your barbecue.

Hush Puppies

You will want your barbecue to have savory hush puppy upgrades on the sides. Your hush puppies can have basic ingredients such as cornmeal, buttermilk, eggs, onion, flour and sausage. Just ensure you serve them warm.


Sweet and tangy vinegar-based coleslaw can be made ahead of time. It requires minimal time to cook and only a few ingredients to make. Delicious coleslaw is easy enough to prepare for the upcoming weekend party. Once you combine the dressing with the mixture, you can throw it in your freezer.

Sweet and Spicy Jalapenos

While making your jalapenos sweet can seem like daunting, this is actually easy to do. You just need the spicy kick from red chili peppers and pickled jalapenos and then add some lime zest and sugar. They must be put together at least 48 hours before you serve them to give enough time for the jalapenos to take on the perfect crunch. Apart from barbecue, you can use this spicy side on sandwiches, crackers, nachos, and hot dogs.

Creamed Corn

While you can keep a can of creamed corn in your pantry, you will get the ultimate comfort from the homemade version. Simmer corn with butter and heavy cream to make a heart-warming side dish for your barbecue. Ensure you pay attention to the corn while it simmers. It has to cook just until it becomes tender.

Deviled Eggs

There are a lot of ways to make deviled eggs. But if you want the best of both worlds, have deviled eggs kissing with smoky chopped pork. Just make sure you know some tips to ensure you can get your eggs to come out right. For instance, try putting both your egg yolks and whites in separate zip-lock plastic bags and once you are ready to make the deviled eggs, just snip a corner of the bag and pipe away.