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What Should I Eat?

Many a time we feel hungry and ask ourselves that What Should I Eat ? This may seem very simple question to answer but trust me it’s not. This question has occurred in our mind various times. If you are not sure enough to choose by yourself then you can end up asking your friend to suggest you, but this is not going to be a good choice. Many a times it happens that your taste and your friend’s taste may not be same and this thing can be problematic. There are hundreds of site on which you can search about what you can actually eat and then you have to answer some boring questions and at the end you will not find the answer interesting. is a website that helps you resolve your daily question What Should I Eat. This website doesn’t ask you any question and doesn’t makes you feel bored either. Here you can find the best restaurants and the best dishes available. You can eat the best dishes at the best place. No matter what you like, you will find the best place to eat what you want. We also provide helpful context for each restaurant so you will not regret after choosing any restaurant. On this website you can also search using particular tags like Burger, Burrito, Pad Thai, Pizza, Shushi and you can even search with a name of the city to find out the best place to eat there.

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Once you have started using it, smart Machine Learning Algorithm coupled with data from various sources will accurately answer your daily foodie question?

This website also owns a dedicated smartphone application that can guide you regarding what you should eat and where you should eat. To download the app visit the site and press the download button. This app helps you decide what you should eat it by your preferences and best of all it is available for most of the cities, and many other cities are just being added to guide you about the best and lip smacking cuisines around. You can also add your favourite dishes in the app so that you can have a track of the restaurants that serves your favourite dishes. You can choose the dish you like and smart algorithms will find the best for you. Not only this, you can even order the dish you want directly from the app.