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Causes of Breast Enlargement in Male

Medically breast enlargement is called as Gynecomastia. It is the enlargement of the tissues in a man breast. Know about the symptoms of the breast enlargement in male and find the best remedy in . It can happen to the baby, children at the time of puberty, adult man or even older men. Gynecomastia is different from pseudo-gynecomastia also called lipomastia, and it is referred by the accumulation of fat deposits in and around the breast area for men who are obese. But gynecomastia is due to the development of a breast or glandular tissue. It is very common for men and knows the symptoms of gynecomastia.

Signs Of Gynecomastia

The first sign is the male breast enlargement. It is due to the gland tissue growth and not the fat tissue. It will be symmetrical on either side of the nipple. It may or may not be firm and sometimes gives a rubbery feel as well. In general, it grows on both the breast at the same time, and rarely it appears on one breast, and it is unilateral. Also, the enlargement might be prominent one side than the other. The breast will become tender and sensitive. There won’t be any noticeable pain.

There is no need to panic gynecomastia as breast cancer because not more than 1% of people with this kind of breast enlargement have been diagnosed with is breast cancer .

Cancer will be on one side and will make the breast hard. It will show dimples in the skin and also nipple discharge will commence. Therefore you can easily differentiate cancer from this. Also, the enlargement of lymph nodes under the arm will happen as a symptom of breast cancer.

Who Will Get Affected?

At the time of puberty, every male will have this and will go unnoticed after the breast develops thoroughly. It is part of the breast development. But when it is predominant even after that, then one must look into it. Sometimes male babies also have this in infancy. Also due to aging, it can develop. Due to some side effect of medicine, it could cause breast enlargement, etc.

However, it is good to check with medical experts and take advice. Do not assume prior consulting doctors. Know whether your breast enlargement is normal or is it due to gynecomastia and receive necessary treatment.