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Top Reasons Why Pizza Is Good For You in Langford BC

Favourite childhood memories for a good number of people would be eating limitless pizza amounts at school events or birthday parties. As adults, those same people possibly think twice when it comes to eating pizza in Langford, BC, due to the misconception that it is very unhealthy. Luckily, pizza offers a few health benefits, so you and your family or friends can enjoy a slice or two while reminiscing about your favourite pizza moments from your childhood. Additionally, it is great that you do not have to sit at your favourite pizzeria to enjoy this food. With pizza take out, you can buy this favourite meal and eat it at home or at a friend’s
place. Here are the top reasons why pizza is a good for you.

Helps Fight Cancer

Yeah, you read that right! Pizza assists to fight cancer. Tomato sauce that is used on most
pizzas has Lycopene, an antioxidant that assists in preventing heart disease and cancer. Lycopene also has anti-inflammatory benefits. This component gives a red colour to vegetables and fruits.
When the vegetables and fruits are cooked,the lycopene in them is changed into a form that the body can absorb easily.

Boosts Your Immunity

Besides containing Lycopene, tomato sauce also has a lot of Vitamin C. This vitamin has several
benefits, including boosting the immune system, prevention of cardiovascular disease and illness protection in general. Adding oregano to pizza can also boost your immunity, because of carvacrol, which is an active ingredient in it. Carvacrol helps in protecting the liver, and it balances blood sugar.

Full Of Nutritious Ingredients

You can easily make pizza unhealthy with bad topping choices such as extra cheese, thick crust or sausage, but there are ways to make sure your pizza in Langford, BC is full of nutritious ingredients. Cheese contains high calcium amounts that support teeth, bones and muscles.
The important thing is to avoid using a lot of it on your pizza. You can choose healthier choices for pizza toppings, like lean meats, pineapple, garlic or peppers. For the crust, select a thin whole grain choice, which helps you to feel fuller and reduces any blood sugar spikes caused by typical white crusts.

Has All Food Groups

Pizza in Langford, BC covers every food group. When you combine the tomato sauce, crust and the many types of toppings, just a single slice of pizza can contain all the required food groups. Cheese covers the dairy requirement. Tomatoes or pineapples cover the fruit group. Vegetable
group choices include onions, spinach or peppers. Any choice of meat options, such as sausage, chicken or ham covers the meat requirement. Finally, the pizza crust caters to the grain requirement. In just one quick bite, you take in all the food groups.

These are the top reasons why pizza in Langford, BC is good for you. However, you have to choose a good pizzeria that offers many different variations of sauces, toppings, crusts, and spices. Whether you prefer pizza take out or eating at the restaurant, a good pizzeria will have you covered.