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Thai Food culture in Vancouver

What comes to your mind when you think of Thai cuisine? Stir-fried noodles and sour, spicy shrimp soup, right? Thai food is one of the most popular Asian cuisines. And it’s loved for a good reason. We tend to love Thai curry takeout dishes so much that we forget the rich cultural heritage behind them. Here are a few things on Thai cuisine that we think you’ll find intriguing – like they never bake their food. Good luck finding an oven in a Thailand household.

Their formal presentation of food dates back to the ancient times. History has it that dishes would be presented to the king’s delight. It was later incorporated into their culture and they would then all dine like kings – literally! Today’s chefs strive to create delicate carvings from vegetables. If you’re lucky, you’ll see flowers carved from carrots the next time you’re getting Thai curry takeout. At most times you’ll be having a fork and a tablespoon as the primary cutlery unless you’re eating noodles that aren’t enjoyable without chopsticks.

There is little difference between having a feast and having a simple lunch in Thai culture. Meals are generally a social affair and they are all treated as celebrations. Large groups often congregate during meal times. Eating alone is considered a selfish gesture that leads to bad luck. They believe in the spirit of enjoying meals together.

Four distinct flavours make their dining experience memorable: sweet, sour, spicy and bitter. Most of their dishes are spicy. Not the kind of spicy where you feel a mild tickle on your tongue but the one that’s lava spicy. When ordering Thai food delivery in Vancouver for the first time, ask for the milder version. Your taste buds will thank you.

Great hospitality, ceremonial rituals, aromatic flavours and fresh tasty Thai food go hand in hand. In the modern day, when Thai food delivery in Vancouver is just a phone call away, the traditions that used to accompany these dishes are slowly being eroded. While you still enjoy the same sumptuous dishes as you would in Thailand, you do not get to enjoy the rich culture that goes with it.

You might think they do not highly value rice considering that they produce most of the world’s rice. However, it’s deeply rooted in their beliefs and stepping on rice is a disgrace to their gods. Their culture doesn’t permit throwing any rice left on the plate either. It angers their gods – and they ensure that there’s enough food for everyone.

In addition to restaurants offering Thai curry takeout , delicious snacks are often sold on the roadsides and at the markets. Spring rolls and other snacks go for pennies there. Contrary to popular belief, Thai people never eat different dishes from the same plate. Each dish has its own plate and is eaten alone. And, unlike the Chinese, they do not use bowls as a substitute for plates. But do we really care? As long as it’s visually appealing, we’ll taste it.