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Some of the Top Foods That You Can Try in Dublin

While talking about food tour Dublin , most people will talk about only potatoes because an average Irishman eats plenty of potatoes daily. However, besides potatoes, you can find few other foods too.

Just click here and discover the list of interesting foods that will surely delight, you if you are a foodie.

Ice creams at Murphy

People at this ice cream parlor will be ready to offer you free samples so that you can try a number of them and then buy one that you will like the most.

Irish spring lamb

During your Dublin food tours, you should not miss this item. You can really enjoy your meal

Pastries at Queen of Tarts

If you have sweet tooth then visit at Queen of Tarts and enjoy the taste of home baked amazing pastries.

Eggos Mexicalos at Herb Street

If you are interested to eat perfect branch then visit this place where it is prepared very carefully.

Coco Pop French toast

Another option for branch at San Lorenzo where you will be served with peanut butter, caramelized bananas, mascarpone whipped cream with chocolate sauce.

Beans and Pulled Pork

If you visit at Brother Hubbard then you will be served with fresh food with lots of love and affection.

Chicken Wings

Visit Crackbird and get delicious chicken item here.

Eggs Benedict

Another option is available for brunch that you can get at Whitefriar Grill.

Like Burger?

Bisit at Bunsen and eat the tasty burger of Dublin.

Full Irish breakfast

From your food tour website, you can find details about this Irish breakfast that you can get at Beanhive.

Shepard’s Pie

You will be really lucky to get a table at O’Neills to eat this Pie.

The list goes on and on that will make your tour to Dublin very interesting.