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3 ways to cook with CBD on a date night

Those who are familiar with the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) try to use the cannabis compound on a daily basis by incorporating it into their meals and recipes. A good way to treat a CBD user is through a thoughtful—and perhaps, even romantic—meal infused with CBD oil.

CBD comes packed with a lot of amazing health benefits that a loved one deserves. For one, the cannabis compound is being studied for its effects against cancer. Not only that, but CBD has been known to relieve people of pain, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. Companies like PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN), high-quality CBD is now offered in an array of products that can suit your need or the occasion.

Products made with the compound are now easy to get and cooking with CBD is easier than ever. For an upcoming date night, show your love by cooking these delicious CBD-infused dishes.

  1. CBD-infused chocolate mousse

(Source: Pixabay )

Chocolate is the center of many dessert recipes including the French culinary wonder, chocolate mousse. This light and airy dessert can be made with CBD ingredients to make our special someone feel less guilty when indulging in this chocolate dessert.

MagicalButter’s line of Compound Dark, Milk and White Chocolate comes packed with the benefits of CBD and its high viscosity ingredient also makes it ideal for creamy dessert recipes, including mousses. The Maven shares a delicious take on CBD-infused chocolate mousse. It still makes use of all the ingredients of a chocolate mousse including chocolate, sugar, vanilla, coffee, and homemade whipped cream.

However, as a substitute for the oil and butter, CBD-infused products can be used as a healthier alternative. Diamond CBD offers both flavored and unflavored CBD Oil which is added to the chocolate mousse. The former can enhance the flavor with fruity or minty undertones while the latter is for those who don’t want to affect the taste of the desert. For a more chocolatey dessert, the Double Dark Chocolate Flavor CBD oil packs a rich cocoa punch.

  1. CBD brownies

(Source: Pixabay )

CBD oils and CBD crystals can be mixed with melted butter or oil when baking to make an array of food items such as cakes and brownies healthier. Project CBD states that the perfect to do so is by adding the CBD oil into the butter or cooking oil and exposing it to low heat for a long period of time.

CBD Crystal Dabs are fine powder concentrates of the compound. It mixes well with butter as well so there will be no unwanted chunks. Alternatively, you can also easily infuse these CBD crystals into easy-bake mixes that are bought from grocery stores. As for the CBD oils, they can be added by placing a drop or two into the cake or brownie mix.

  1. CBD pasta

(Source: Pixabay )

Since CBD oil can be added to cooking oils, they can be used to saute or even fry meat and vegetables. Those who prefer pasta dishes aren’t left out though as CBD-oil takes the usual entree to healthier levels as well.

For a more sophisticated dish fit for a romantic dinner, then lasagna should do the trick. The best way to incorporate CBD into the dish is by adding CBD-infused butter to the creamy bechamel sauce. Alternatively, the ground meat for the meat sauce can also be sauteed using CBD-oil infused cooking oil.

Fountain of Health Unflavored CBD Oil and Diamond CBD’s Premium Gold quality CBD oil line are among the best oils to add when cooking savory dishes. This oil doesn’t add any distinct flavor to cooking oils so savory dishes remain tasty even after getting a dash of the oil added to it.

When cooking with CBD oil, it’s important to not let the heat go beyond 180 celsius. Weed Seed Shop says going beyond the temperature could cause the compound to evaporate.