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Choose the right menu

For any party to be successful, you need to choose the appropriate buffet catering menu that is suited for all of your guests, from their taste preferences to special dietary requirements.

If it’s required, be sure to verify that your chosen caterer is Halal-certified. On the other hand, if one of your guests are vegetarian, be sure that dishes being served on the buffet table do cater for vegetarians. With regards to the guests taste preferences, try experimenting with the different international cuisines like Thai, Indian, Japanese, Korean and many more so they can have ample choices. You can find here more ideas on buffet catering Auckland that will further make your event a successful one.


Buffet catering style often offers a full setup making it a great choice if the venue is larger. Your chosen caterer will stay at the venue for they will deliver and even set up your food. They are also in charge of the necessary and essential equipment needed for the meal which includes buffet tables with skirting, utensils and even dishes/cutlery.

You need to also consider the number of guests that can fit in your chosen venue. Be mindful also of the weather, if you’re planning for an outdoor event. If you’ve invited large numbers of guests in a smaller area, it is recommended to advise people to drop in between certain hours.

Budget and Pricing

Normally, the pricing for a buffet catering menu is dependent on the number of guests or to the package which serves to a minimum number of guests. Be sure to keep within your allotted budget and at the same time be sure that your budget covers the entire meal and making sure that all guests can eat properly.

Portion Size

Menus are often dependent on the number of people it serves. If ever that your chosen menu states only pieces or sizes, be sure to double check the number of guests that it can feed. Find time to read the reviews of your chosen caterers to have an idea of their portions in order to make sure that sufficient orders are being made.


Plates, cutlery, and even napkins must be provided by the caterer or else you want to arrange this yourself. Optional rentals of porcelain dishes and silverware may also be available with many caterers but with a fee. Thematic presentations may be part of the buffer offerings as per special request and of course, with additional charges.

Minimum Order Notice

Majority of the catering companies require 2-5 working days to process a buffet catering order while restaurants can accept orders even with a short notice of 1-2 days. If you’re planning on inviting a larger group which is probably beyond 150 guests be sure to order in advance.