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Tips on How to Be a Food Critic

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You appreciate this or not, the internet does provide us with a wide array of restaurant criticism. If not all, but most of the critics have been posted by novice or armature critics. They are not even close to their specialized counterparts who provide some great critic reviews at papers or magazines. The critics, who are amateur, do not even think of reviewing or editing their review. All they wish to do is go ahead and post their disparagement online. This is one of the core reasons why the reviews that you go through online are not well written, and almost many of them not proofread!

Below mentioned are a few essential tips from expert food critic Anna Ziuzina to make your restaurant reviews:

Do mention about the staff members

This does not mean mentioning whether the service is good, worse or whether the staff members are unresponsive. By this area, we mean you need to mention about the spirit or the temperament of the place. Do you feel that the servers are having a great time here and are they presentable? Do you feel they look distracted? Make sure that you do give a review that will help readers understand how the place was that you had recently visited.

Talk about the staff

I don’t mean whether your service was good, bad or unresponsive. I’m referring to the temperament of the place. Do servers look like they’re having a good time? Are they dressed neatly? Do they seem distracted? Help readers grasp the ambiance on the day you visited.

Stay confident while you write

Whatever that happened in the restaurant; state it in a simple way! Were you placed in a great or a lousy cramped table? When you tried inquiring about the price of specials, did the waiter respond pleasing or was he appalling? It is best to keep away from restaurant jargons (dropping cheque, deuce and so forth). All of this indicates; you are trying to show-off.

Do try dessert

In several places, eating dessert seems to be only an afterthought. But you get to know so much about a place and how the restaurants screwed up the dish. But you also get rewarded with a scrumptious sweetmeat or enjoy a beautifully decorated dessert, to relish with your eyes!

Always try staying anonymous

Keeping your incognito impression is beneficial. It always turns out being the bread-and-butter of professionals. But this does not seem to be the case for online reviewers who want to be treated in a special way, but in reality are Average Joes.