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What are Raw Food and How Does It Help to Detox?

People have been looking for the causes of disease, aging and death for a long time. The fact that toxins have the capability of causing, and they do, inflammation in the body, stress and suffering, answered the grilling. It has long become obvious that our body is amazingly capable of self-purification that is based on the joint work of several of its own systems. Such systems operate continuously and help us remain viable. However, if there is a sudden failure, the body starts accumulating by-products, and ultimately diseases occur.

So, how we can help our body to Detox?
Detox, removal of toxins, is a way to rinse out the body of toxins, which consists in a cardinal change in nutrition. To maintain health and beauty for many years, it turns out, is not so difficult. The main thing is to get rid of toxins in time. When it comes to detoxifying your body, you can use one or more of the many existing methods, or even specific cleanses like the ’Back to Nature’ Cleanses used in Bali and you can take a variety of biologically active supplements designed to purify the body of toxins. But the secret is that for this, it is necessary to completely change the food habits by including raw food in the diet and excluding temperature treated foods.

What are Raw Foods?
The most popular and effective detox programs today is “Raw food”, the food that is not subjected to any sort of temperature treatment like frying, cooking, baking and steaming. The main principle is the consumption of fruits and vegetables in liquid form, such as juices and smoothies. Dried food without the addition of salts and seasonings and cold pressed vegetable oils are equated, from the point of view of planning by their raw food rations. Cereals can be used sprouted. Germination can be achieved by soaking seeds in water for a period of about a day, and then keeping in moist air from one to several days.

What Type of Raw Foods for Detoxification?
Raw foods are suitable for those who are quite difficult without solid food. Please, greens, vegetables and unsweetened fruit are at your disposal. Sweet fruits can be returned to the diet after the completion of detox program. All of the above is easily assimilated by the body, saturating it with everything necessary. This diet should be adhered to within 10-14 days. This time is enough to help the body cleanse itself of toxins and at the same time feel a difference in health. Quite often people, once they have tried raw food, gradually switch to this type of food.

Why Raw Foods
Raw food is natural for a person, since the entire gastrointestinal canal from the teeth to the end of the rectum is anatomically and physiologically arranged for digestion of fruits, as in all herbivores. Initially, nature intended the man the most refined food – fruits and vegetables. In raw food, there is no uric acid, no cadaveric poisons, as in meat, no products of fermentation and putrefaction, as in cheese. One of the important arguments in favour of raw food is that when cooking, plant products are released that they concentrated during their ripening under the influence of sunlight.

Benefits of Raw Foods
Raw food helps to keep the body warm easily and contribute to the normalization of body weight. Few more benefits of using raw foods are mentioned below.

. Preparation of raw food requires less time, fuel costs, and dishes
. Improves the complexion
. Increased taste and smell
. Hearing and vision are aggravated
. Muscles are strengthened
. The fetid smell of sweat disappears
. Improves blood circulation
. Calms the nerves
. Improves memory
. Stamina increases

How Raw Food helps in Detoxification:
Knowing the properties of raw food to cool the body, you can easily understand if you are 100% raw-food. If you are “hot” by nature, you have excellent digestion, you are always hot, you are active, temperamental and sometimes angry – in this case there is a chance that raw food will suit you. Try it – but do not be afraid to leave it if you feel discomfort. It is difficult to constantly be in a state of conflict with your own body – and to nothing.

Raw foods improve digestion and intestinal motility, but people with a sensitive digestive system should not abruptly switch to raw foods. It is better to gradually increase their number in the diet. Raw foods do not clog the body with harmful slags and toxins that arise during their processing and preparation. Products from the menu of raw food are usually low-calorie and contain a lot of water.

Raw diet reduces the intake of carbohydrates and means caloric intake up to 1500 kcal. As a result, the desired weight loss is achieved, in 10 days it is quite possible to get rid of up to four kilograms of excess weight. Raw diet is good not only has the effect of losing weighted, but also a purifying and anti-aging action. Cleansing will be achieved by eating a variety of plant foods. It contains a lot of fibre, which regulates digestion. Antioxidants are a part of vegetables and fruits; they protect the cells of the human body from destruction and will not allow them to grow old.

Raw food is very useful and contains insoluble fibre, which cleanses the intestines, a lot of vitamins and trace elements, living enzymes that help the digestion process and rejuvenate the body. But if you understand that full raw food is not for you, try using it periodically as a therapeutic and detox-feeding.