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Why Italian Food Is Good For Your Health

Italian cuisine is one of the oldest styles of cooking that has been in existence long before it appeared on the European map more than one hundred years ago. Although influenced by cuisines of neighboring countries, Italian cuisine has maintained its core value and taste by absorbing the best of the Milan, Naples, Sicily, Liguria, Calabria, and other cuisines. Contemporary Italian style of cooking can be – for the time being – divided into north and south; the major difference lies in the seasonings used by chefs in the north and south to cook the same dishes respectively.

A majority of Italian cuisine revolves around pasta and pizzas, and it is a tad surprising that Italians hardly become obese. In fact, it is on health records that Italians have one of the longest life spans in the world compared to other groups of people around the world.

For instance, nutritionists are still not in total agreement when categorizing pasta as a healthy diet. Despite the fact that lots of people erroneously believe that pasta contributes to obesity and contains no calories, it has remained one of the most sought-after products found on the tables of bodybuilders and other athletes.

Pasta is an excellent source of carbohydrate, just like other flour products. Although it has a high glycemic index, the addition of proteins – especially eggs – significantly minimizes the glycemic index. This also leads to the slow digestion of start, resulting in a reduction in the increment in insulin levels.

Pasta comes in different varieties, though many contain up to 12 percent protein. The addition of eggs boosts the nutritional value of pasta. The fat content in pasta is very low while the energy value is exceptionally high.

One other product that is employed in Italian cooking is olive oil. This mono-unsaturated oil with distinctive flavor is extracted from olives. It is the only cooking oil that is completely absorbed by the human body up to 100 percent. Olive oil contains a mixture of vitamins – i.e. vitamins A, D, and E – as well as other monounsaturated fatty acids which make the product an excellent solution for preventing cardiovascular diseases. It can also be used to minimize the level of toxic cholesterol. Moreover, olive oil also helps to heal duodenal and stomach ulcers while improving the activity of the pancreas, stomach, liver, and the intestines.

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