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Looking to switch to a healthy lifestyle? Go the organic way!

By now, you must have heard a good thing or two about organic foods. So, what’s the fuss all about? In this post, we will talk about organic foods and how you can switch rightly towards a better life.

What’s organic?

Don’t be fooled by anything that’s labeled natural. Organic is just that – ‘organic’. When we talk about organic foods, it refers to produce that has been produced in soil that doesn’t contain synthetic fertilizers or pesticides for at least three years prior to harvest. Organic produce also doesn’t contain synthetic pesticides or sprays in other form. Anything that has been certified organic will not contain GMOs. GMO, for the uninitiated, refers to genetically modified organisms. In terms of meat products, organic refers to produce that doesn’t contain added hormones, antibiotics and come from animals that have been reared and raised in certain conditions.

Eating organic in budget

A lot of people will tell you about producing organic fruits and veggies at home, but let’s get real here – Most of us don’t have the space, resources, time and energy. The obvious idea is to shop online, and yes, organic foods are more expensive than regular produce. The better option is shop in bulk. Most fruits and veggies can stay fresh in your refrigerator for at least five days or maybe more, so check for bulk purchases. There are stores like ExoFruits that have all kinds of organic produce on sale, and you can get some amazing offers from time to time. Secondly, don’t shop for exotic stuff on a daily basis, unless you are in mood to try something new. Seasonal organic produce is always cheaper, and you can save huge on monthly expenses. Thirdly, choose veggies over meat. Yes, you need meats for protein, but veggies and fruits should be an ideal part of your diet and are much cheaper to say the least.

Cook your own meals

If you are used to buying pre-cut veggies and meats, try doing those things at home, and you can save a few bucks. Also, when you cook your own meals, you save considerable amount of oil too. Cooking helps in getting the right nutrients, and you can always choose to have healthy snacks like nuts, instead of burgers or creamy sandwiches.

A quick meal consisting of organic pecans, nuts and walnuts with fresh organic fruits and selected veggies is a great way to start your day!