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Inspired Collections Since Ages: Thomas Fuchs

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Thomas Fuchs is a big name in the interior designing world, relating to offering the best luxury home accessories to its clients. From releasing collections to adding newer products to their range, the company has everything for your needs.

The main three subsidiaries launched by the firm deals in:

  • Otium by Thomas Fuchs: A Venetian Company, which specializes in lightning, various glass creations and other home accessories.
  • Thomas Fuchs Creative: TFC was created to pay sole emphasis to barware and related products.
  • Foxware by Thomas Fuchs: Foxware is the latest company laid by the owner, which sells drinking glasses all over the world, setting a new luxury and exotic bar to it.


There are many collections launched by the company. Some of the most popular ones have been listed here: Chinese Scaffolding Bamboo collection, Butterfly collection, T&A collection, Egyptian eye collection, Otium lighting, Blaze barware, Religious saint candles, End of the day drinking glasses, Half and half melamine collection etc. The most hit collection was the butterfly collection, which was decorated with real butterfly wings, and was in demand in more than 50 stores all over the world.


The team at Thomas Fuchs specializes in combing the extreme talent of skilled craftsmen and artisans with modern art. This combination has been leading the market since launched. The traditional and old techniques used by the artisans like lost wax casting, glass blowing, hand carving, etc. is used to prepare a modern piece of art or aesthetic under affordable prices.

Thomas Fuchs Creative doesn’t believe in offering something simple to the clients. They believe in adding magical artistic touch to even the most common pieces. It is quite visible in their recent collections.

To shop for their latest collections, visit their official website. You can even shop according to the items you are looking for.