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Interesting information on the Lucky fruits for New Year’s Eve

New Year brings us a time of happiness and a hopeful year ahead. Along with the merrymaking, many countries have some traditions that they follow. As food is an integral part of our lives, there are several traditions linked to food. One of them is on New Years Lucky Fruits that we will elucidate below.

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The 12 Lucky Fruits to Have on The New Year’s Eve

  • Grapes: According to Spanish tradition you should have a dozen of grapes on the midnight of New Year’s Eve. A sweet tasting grape will predict good months, and sour tasting grapes will denote less-fortunate months.
  • Orange: The roundness of Oranges is said to bring good luck, prosperity and wealth to your home. This tradition mainly belongs from China.
  • Apple: Apple is believed to provide harmony and good health into the lives of people. This is a tradition of Chinese people.
  • Bananas: As we have seen bananas always come in a cluster which signifies the unity we will have amongst us. The yellow colored bananas also signify our happiness.
  • Pomelos: This fruit is said to bring unity and luck in our household. Chinese people often keep a pair of pomelos during New Year.
  • Mango: The tasty mango signifies family ties and also enhances our fertility if taken on the New Year’s Eve.
  • Lemons: Lemons are a favorite of Asia as they are believed to clean you and your environment for a New Year.
  • Pineapple: This fruit brings you an abundance of good luck and wealth in the upcoming year.
  • Watermelon: Breaking open a watermelon with numerous seeds signifies prosperity and abundance.
  • Papaya: The golden yellow color of a papaya represents gold and is said to bring wealth.
  • Lychee: Lychee is sweet and brings us a fortune and good family ties.
  • Avocados: Avocado brings love and fertility to our home and symbolizes prosperity.

These are some of the lucky fruits that you can have during the New Year’s Eve to have a healthy and tasty started to a new year.