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Great Places to Eat in Melrose Place

People have different hobbies like cooking, painting, dancing, singing, collecting coins and so on. With this article, we mainly want to focus on people who are a foodie in nature or love to eat new cuisines. It is true that Los Angeles has got a variety of places for people who like to taste different delicacies served. Melrose is a place where people see food not just as a means of providing nutrition to the body or satisfying appetite but being a foodie is a passion. The street food of Melrose is very famous for its unique flavor and new experimental food delicacies. Let us look at some places which attract foodie people in Melrose.


This is a trendy and purely vegan restaurant. Crossroads is heaven for people who prefer vegan food. Crossroads has proven its worth by providing a unique taste and influencing many non-vegetarian food lovers to get attracted to vegan gourmet. They provide not only good food but an environment where food can be tasted to its utmost taste.Image result for Great Places to Eat in Melrose Place

Connie & Ted’s

If one is fond of getting seaside experience then Connie & Teds is the perfect place, here they serve delicious seafood. The seafood they serve is very fresh. The restaurant is created to give the customer the feel of West Hollywood. The place where they serve is a large and spacious area with a massive bar.

Fig & Olive

Whether it is a party or another occasion, Fig & Olive Melrose place is good for everything. Their special olive oils, cuisine, and delicacies have always been famous. Their main aim is to provide healthily and lip-smacking gourmet to foodie people. They offer multiple options according to the type of event suiting your budget. They offer more than 30 types of wines which attracts the wine lovers very much.

Salt’s Cure

The salt’s cure is made keeping in mind the boredom of people with normal and regular lunch, breakfast, and dinner. They cook creatively to remove monotonous food items people develop; instead, they try to increase the interest of people by cooking new recipes and offer them more options in eatables.


Ink has been very popular due to its signature dishes and differently made cocktails. They master in decoration while serving food.

These were some of the places in Melrose which are popular not only among youngsters but experienced people who love to explore different and unique tastes.