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Dessert Table: Top 6 Ideas for Your Party

Birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, weddings, cocktail parties, corporate events, and graduation parties are just a few examples of places where a dessert table can be found. Nothing enhances up a party event or wedding reception same like a dessert buffet. It’s a sweet buffet that gives your invites a feel like their own home treats.

Setting up a delicious dessert table requires creative styling skills and a lot of patience. This is the reason why many people opt for professional help and dessert table singapore is one such place to find a solution. Here are a few tips (ideas) in setting up and designing your dessert table.

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  • Set The Table: Garnish the party table with something that encourages you. Cover it with fantastic fabric and add ribbons and flowers as a complement to the theme. Make stages or place fabric coated Styrofoam raiser boxes with various heights and shapes on which you can set up your desserts.
  • Pick A Color Theme: Whatever you put on the party table must match your theme or color scheme. Try to use maximum two or three monochromatic colors.
  • Choose A Collection Of Containers: Pick bowls, canisters, jars, platters, trays, vases, and footed stands in a blend of sizes and shapes. Spoons and scoops make an ideal accessory to a jug of lollies. Glass containers are just awesome for holding colorful candies.
  • Add Labels: Use chalkboard signs, handwritten signs, and matching stationary to depict and name your yummy desserts.
  • Sweet Selection: Balance an elaborate cake with chocolates, cookies, mini cupcakes, and hard candies on the party table. Some of the great dessert ideas include cupcakes with cookie garlands, couture cupcake wrappers, cotton candy cone sticks, centerpiece cakes, truffles, personalized chocolate bars, jelly beans, almonds, macaroons, malted milk balls, mints, pannacotta, pillow mints, popcorn boxes, rock candy, sweet tarts, taffy, whoopie pies, fondant covered petit fours and also gelato. You can likewise include customized drinks!
  • Have Fun: Styling dessert table doesn’t make your party perfect. It’s about having fun with the friends and guests!