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Classic Thai Authentic Restaurant (Sydney)

Who does not enjoy some warm and scrumptious Thai cuisine? There is delectable Thai cuisine available everywhere today. However you need to ensure that you pick out the best place to enjoy some really classic Thai flavor on your taste buds.DCIM100MEDIADJI_0106.JPG

Chef oliver Mr.Khomsan Chittimani / Hugh jackman

When it comes to Classic Thai authentic cuisine they are available all across Sydney and around the globe. The reason why they are so much in demand is firstly it has a unique fresh taste to it and it also is easily digestible.

Classic Thai authentic cuisine is made from the best of fresh ingredients which is not harsh on your stomach. They are accessible at an affordable rate too and exploring new Thai delicacies is definitely something everyone should opt for. We bet you will ask for more once you get the taste and hang of Thai food. There are several places which serve really fresh, fine and quick service. DCIM100MEDIADJI_0106.JPG

Thai Food is quite beneficial for our system. They are considered as one of the healthiest foods you can feed your tummy with at the same time will be licking your spoon for more. There are some really great ingredients which makes Thai food delectable and healthy at the same time. A few of the ingredients have been mentioned below, which will state why Thai food is definitely one of the best easting options for you.


There are so many Southeast-Asian countries where Galangal is grown and has been extensively used for medicinal and cooking purpose in Java and Chinese regions. It has been quite much renowned for its digestive qualities. In fact, there was also a popular herbalist who used this ingredient for treating heart burn diseases, digestion and for curing deafness too. This ingredient will be found in Thai cuisine and it turns out being more beneficial for you than ginger too.


This sweetly tinted aromatic lemony herb has been quite extensively used for several Thai dishes. They have also been for ages used for Chinese medicines and for providing some great herbal therapies.


Chef Kit Mr.Kittipong Taungsit / Chef Neil Perry


Without coriander, Thai cuisine will not be complete. In fact they usually use it in two ways, one in the herb form while second in its seed form. Quite commonly also referred to as the ‘Chinese parsley’ or ‘cilantro’ in the West it’s quite high on nutritional value and is easy on your system too.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is filled with tons of goodness that we simply cannot stop extolling its benefits. It contains oil and milk which is so highly beneficial. It works towards lowering down bad cholesterol at the same time promoting good cholesterol. It also is quite useful for boosting your immunity system.