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Choosing Healthy and Low Fat Options When Eating at The Best Chinese Restaurant in Sydney

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If you like good Chinese restaurants in Sydney, you will notice that the meals are usually high in sodium, calories and fat. For example, three cups of chicken Kung Pao has fats of around 92 grams and 1,302 calories. Add a full cup of fried rice on the side and you have another 12 grams fat and 333 calories. This menu alone contains nearly 200 percent of your daily fat needs and almost twice of your calorie needs. However, you will find out that the dishes are relatively tasty as well as healthy if you know what to search for.

Chief ingredients

When at a top Chinese dining-place in Sydney, select a meal that is mostly made up of vegetables. Vegetables have a lot of minerals and vitamins and provide fewer calories than other foods. Stay away from dishes with battered seafood, meat, poultry and vegetables. The batter covering the food will soak up a lot of the oils and fat the meal is cooked along with it. go for brown rice that is steamed instead of white rice or fried rice. This has lower calories and more fibers which is good for a healthy diet. Duck has higher fat content than skinless chicken, so go for the later. If your main goal is to lose weight, choose meals that include water chestnuts over nuts as they give fewer calories and provide similar crunch.


You can ask for the food to be prepared without MSG, soy sauce or salt at the finest Chinese diners within Sydney. You can also ask for your dish to be made with little oil. Choose healthier sauces and only consume them sparingly.

Methods of cooking

When selecting your meals at a good Sydney Chinese restaurant, avoid crispy-fried, deep-fried and all other fried foods. Instead, go for foods that are steamed, poached, barbequed, broiled or roasted. These are lower in calories and fat . Fried wontons and egg rolls are not a better option to steamed dumplings. Stir-fried foods are better than foods that have been cooked in oil for long. This is because they do not soak up the oil as much since little oil is used and the time for cooking is short. Some excellent Chinese eateries in Sydney will have a special section for low calorie and low fat foods on their menu.

Eating scheme

Make sure to watch your portion sizes at every fine Chinese restaurant around Sydney, they tend to be quite large. A regular serving of rice is half cup while Chinese restaurants can serve up to two cups per order. A healthy portion is one cup of your main dish and one cup of rice. Also, eat with chopsticks. You will reduce overeating and feel fuller faster.


You don’t have to compromise of health when eating at Chinese restaurants. Although the menus offered can be very rich in fat, sodium and calories, there is a way to choose healthier options and have a better meal at any best Chinese restaurant in Sydney .