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3 Ways to Make Your Meals Healthier

You’re only as healthy as the foods you eat. So in a sense, you really are what you eat. This is the top concern in America, where millions of people are consuming nothing but nutrition-depleted foods. As we can see today, we have an epidemic of obese, sick people. Even the skinny people in America aren’t as healthy as they appear to be. About 1/3 of thin people are pre-diabetic, which is rather alarming. Whether you’re thin or overweight, eating better is key to maintaining great health.

Here are some tips you can use to improve your health this year.


Start Cooking from Scratch

Majority of the foods on grocery store shelves are filled with preservatives, artificial flavors and pesticides. These are all known to cause adverse effects. The best way to avoid these ingredients and chemicals is to purchase organic foods. Learning to cook from scratch will also help to ensure you’re only eating healthy ingredients.

Stop Cooking with the Microwave

Microwaves use radiation to warm up your food. While there is still no actual connection between this radiation and cancer, you should still avoid them. Why? Because the radiation from these devices zap the nutrition out of the foods. This defeats the purpose of eating healthier foods. Instead, use the stove top and oven to warm up and cook your foods.

Drink Lots of Water

Water has so many great benefits. It can help clear your body of toxins, clarify your skin and hydrate all of your cells, so that they continue to function properly. You should try consuming about a gallon of water daily, preferably spring water. The faucet water is laced with fluoride, chlorine and a host of other chemicals that can toxify your body.

Staying healthy is about eating right and leading a healthy lifestyle. This means learning how to destress. For some people, stress reduction is done by reading a book, watching television, sleeping or playing video games. If you like games, you can find plenty of them at great prices at GameStop. Groupon offers coupons for games and consoles, so shop around today!