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3 Most Outstanding Bars in London

In the current generation, there’s always a unique taste behind every single design in the field of interior design. Various researchers who deal with interior design have done various studies to rate the 3 most beautiful bars and restaurants in London . As a curious blogger I have also taken up the task of creating my own, well researched list of top 3 beautifully designed bars in London. Here is what I came up with.

Which are the top 3 beautifully designed bars in London?

  1. The Kettner’s Town House Bar

The first time I heard about this restaurant I was left in my little world of amazement. John, one of my friends who fancies hanging out in bars on Fridays, decided to take me on a small adventure in the Kettner’s Town House Bar. Basically, in this building, there is a restaurant and a champagne bar. The sound of a champagne bar gets me so amused and eager to have a taste of feeling about the place.

The champagne bar is located at the basement of the building. Upon entering the champagne bar, you are welcomed with the attractive sight of the 1920s tile design of the floor. The walls are well covered with the suede covers. The suede coverings are made of soft leather which is given a brushed texture to resemble fabric. The old school design brought about by the vintage photos perfectly fixed on the walls reminds me of the olden day discos. To sum it all up, are the most comfy banquettes. If you are a fun of old school vintage bars, then Kettner’s Townhouse Bar is the best place to visit. This bar had to be in my top 3 beautifully designed bars in London.

  1. Oriole Bar

This bar is amongst the newest bars in London. It has been successfully established by the people behind the City Cocktail spot Nightjar. It is located in Smithfield.

What’s unique about the bar?

Well, they do have an amusing welcoming design. At the entrance is a golden curtain followed by a darkened staircase. This kind of a design increases excitement if it is your first time there. There are on – theme flashes all over. The place is well arranged with fur furnishings and well placed leather seats. On the walls, you will view the well pimped palm – tree. It’s well fixed with landscape adorns. When having your drink in this hotel you will surely experience both the old school & new school taste at the same time.

  1. Untitled Bar in London

The bar is well modeled on the Andy Warhol’s Factory. It has a silver walls design and swathes of grey concrete. The unique thing about the bars is that the drinks offered are more of works of art. The bar has variety of work stations. This means their services are quick and efficient. The offer a variety of concoctions thus various tastes experienced.

To sum it all, is that as you wait to place your order, they do give you a rose- petal hapsed piece of film on a Petri dish design that has a palate-cleansing effect. You might not feel the exciting bit about it until you visit the bar and taste it.

Which is the best interior design company to consult?

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