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Wedding Etiquette 101

Getting married is the most important milestones of every people’s lives. It is that time when a couple decides to seal the deal and live together for the rest of their lives. Once they decide to wed, there should be no turning back – it’s a lifetime commitment to each other after all. Nonetheless, the union truly deserves a celebration.

While getting married takes a lifetime commitment as mentioned earlier, planning it is another story. It would require meticulous to-do lists – from choosing your wedding dress, bridesmaids and groomsmen, the perfect wedding venue, and a Wedding Catering Fairmont that will serve delicious meals after the ceremony. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to have their dream wedding, right?

For brides-to-be, this will be a time where they will feel wonderful while walking towards the man they will spend their lives with. For men, don’t hold back your tears– it’s normal to cry especially when you see your soon-to-be wife walking towards you in that beautiful white dress. It is indeed a magical experience when you get to experience that moment first-hand.

As for preparations and other behind-the-scenes, you may want to know these wedding etiquettes and make your wedding an event to remember:

  1. Wearing the white dress

Contrary to popular belief, the white dress signifies purity and not virginity. It is the standard color of a wedding dress, and it is considered proper etiquette to wear white especially if you are not married before. It also looks immaculate and makes the bride stand out in a sea of colors worn by guests and entourage.

  1. Seating arrangement

Traditionally, the bride’s family and friends should be seated on the left, and the groom’s friends are seated on the right. However, the bride and groom would prefer having an “open” seating plan which signifies the “two families are becoming one.”

  1. Here comes the bride

Traditionally, the bride’s father should be the one to walk her daughter towards the groom. However, when the father is not available due to some reasons, a brother, uncle, or a close family friend can take over.

Choosing a reliable wedding catering in Fairmont

One of the most important things to consider in a wedding to-do list is getting a reliable caterer on your special day. An ideal caterer should provide the best food options and an excellent level of service that will surely make your big day as stress-free as possible.

Hire a catering service is an additional bonus – from small events to full-scale gatherings including weddings. Choose one that can assure you of them managing even the tiniest details. Choose a catering service that can also accept special requests and employ professional and efficient personnel.

At the end of the day, sumptuous foods served by a reliable catering service will help make your special day worthwhile. If you want to have an unforgettable wedding that will be the talk of the town for days, you should consider the best caterer near you.