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Tips for Making a Delicious Cocktail

There are not a lot of places serving drinks as epic as the ones that you can find at Regent Cocktail Club . More than the elegance of the place, the quality of their drinks is second to none. If you want to recreate their cocktail, although it is definitely impossible to imitate, read on and learn from some of the tips that I will be sharing below.

The KISS Principle

Keep It Simple, Stupid – this is what KISS means. Especially if you are just starting in making cocktails, choose the classics. Pick a cocktail that requires basic ingredients. The recipe should also be uncomplicated. The more ingredients are used, the more difficult it is to make the cocktail and the harder it is to achieve the right flavor.

Pick an Excellent Base

If you drink at the best Buckhead rooftop bars , expect the drinks to come at a premium price. There is a reason for this – they use only the best alcohol that is available. With this, if you want a delicious cocktail, do not skimp on the base. Whether it is tequila, rum, whiskey, or gin, among others, choose only those that are reflective of top-notch quality.

Invest in the Right Equipment

A good starting point for domestic mixology is to invest in high-quality equipment . One of the most important is a Boston shaker, which has a metal tin and a mixing glass. This is the basic tool needed for stirred and shaken cocktails. Other things that you will need include julep strainer and a jigger. The latter will help you make accurate measurements.

Pick the Right Glassware

Not a lot of people may realize it, but a delicious cocktail is also all about the glassware. It is important not only for presentation. It will also greatly impact the overall drinking experience. One of the most important is to have the glass chilled. This will keep the drink cold without ice. The latter should be avoided as it can lead to dilution leading to a weaker cocktail.

Use Fresh Ingredients

Most cocktails include a variety of fruits to give it a distinct flavor. Shop for fresh fruits at the farmer’s market and use them as soon as possible. Also, it is best to not refrigerate the fruits that will be used for making cocktails. If you need juices, opt for those that are freshly-squeezed as opposed to those that are canned.

Get Inspiration

At the end of the day, the most important is to never stop learning. There are many online resources, including videos and articles that will allow you to perfect your skills and become an expert bartender in no time. You can also brush up your mixology knowledge by reading some of the best books about cocktail making , which will provide you with detailed guides from experts.

Being an expert mixologist does not require you to enroll in expensive courses. Keep in mind the things that have been mentioned above and it will be easier to create mouthwatering cocktails that are similar to those that you can expect in high-end bars.