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Spend Your Next Vacation Seeing the Sites in Seattle Washington

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With a big variety of cultural, recreational and historic places to see and restaurants to eat at, there are so many things to do when visiting Seattle, Washington. Whether you will shop in some of the best tiny shops or hike along trails that has breathtaking views, Seattle has something for everyone. It is known for its great coffee, outstanding restaurants serving a variety of food, towering Space Needle and the atmosphere of the 90’s, so a night in downtown Seattle is a night you will not long forget.


Blarney Stone Bar and Restaurant is one of the places in Seattle Washington to have a great time. It is built as an old Irish Pub and bar and serves great drinks with a great Happy Hour menu as well as great entertainment and is one bar in downtown Seattle that is fun to spend time at. The perfect day to go to this Irish pub would be a holiday as they have the best entertainment on holidays.

Blarney Stone

This restaurant near Pike Place Market is known for its fine wine and food. The perfect night in Seattle is to go downtown early for Happy Hour for a few drinks and good entertainment. Then visit the Pike’s Place Market and browse around before visiting the Space Needle. With all that walking around for a couple of hours you can find Blarney Stone Bar near Pike Place Market , make a reservation for the Restaurant and rest yourself at the bar. After a fine late-night dinner, you will be ready for a good night’s sleep.


Seattle wineries offer great tasting rooms and are served at the Blarney Stone Bar downtown Seattle . Many of the wineries in the city are located downtown and have won many awards for their wines, so you don’t need to travel into the countryside to taste rich wines as you can find them at any restaurant downtown Seattle paired with the correct cheese for perfect snack.

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