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Polish food store

People around the world have different taste and liking for a cuisine. There are many factors that determine the liking for a particular type of dish like ingredients used, method of preparation etc. The most important factor on which the popularity of a delicacy depends upon is the geographical location. People living in different areas of the world eat one type of food, while others may like something different. Similarly, polish food is very popular in the European countries and polish people are proud of their culture.

Polish food is mainly prepared with vegetables and spices like saffron, dill, garlic, basil, marjoram, parsley, and pepper. The blend of these spices adds a distinctive flavor to the polish dishes. Polish food is much influenced by the Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, Hungary, and others which the people of Poland have changed according to their tastes. If you want to try Polish food, then visit the European Specialties. The cuisine of an area is part of its culture, traditions, and customs and at the European Specialties polish food store , you can buy the ingredients of the most popular polish cuisine.

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European Specialties has the perfect blend of the famous polish foods like Polish soups, noodles, sweets and many other delicious meals. Some of the most famous polish food offered at this online Polish food store is listed below –

Zurek – A traditional sour soup that is usually prepared for Easter holidays. Its ingredients include bacon, pieces of bread, rye flour, hard-boiled eggs etc.

Red Beet borscht – Popularly prepared on Christmas Eve, Red beet borscht is a sour soup that appears to be clear and look like red wine. Main ingredients are red beet juice and are served with uszka.

White borscht – It has very distinct similarity to Zurek but has a brighter taste. White borscht is served with mashed potatoes, fried onion, and parsley leaves.