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National Cocoa Day

So what are you planning on doing on December 13, 2016? How about celebrating with a friend or two a nice hot cup of cocoa? The reason is because on that day it is known as National Cocoa Day and is celebrated throughout the world. The drinking of cocoa goes back several centuries allegedly attributing to the Dutch the idea of cocoa powder. It is a global favorite and December 13, 2016, is the day to celebrate this famous cocoa made from the abundance of this world we live in.

So to help you celebrate, we have about five good cocoa recipes that you can share with your family and friends and share a great time together. Just refer to the links for the recipe. Here they are.

How about some healthy hot chocolate ? This will certainly warm up any cold day and do it without sugar. Almond milk, real maple syrup with unsweetened cocoa powder and some whipped cream. Simple yet rich!Image result for National Cocoa Day

Some triple chocolate surprise brownies will take care of the midday snack cravings. This has a lot of the standard ingredients but includes spinach and black beans. Healthy yet flavorful!

Everyone I know loves oatmeal cookies. However, what if they were enhanced with cocoa? Now we are talking. Cocoa oatmeal cookies should satisfy the cookie cravers among us. Yes lots of brown and white sugar, but how else would you make cocoa and oatmeal cookies and have them taste great?

To help compensate for the previous heavy sugar, how about some sugar-free chocolate macaroons . This is a simple recipe that has a great taste! Excellent with a cup of coffee or that healthy hot chocolate we just talked about.Related image

Is anyone now ready for a milkshake? How about skinny shake ? Just five simple ingredients including cocoa, banana, almond milk, vanilla extract and ice. This makes for a great holiday non-alcoholic drink.

So picture yourself with a few friends on December 13 th , sitting around enjoying various cocoa delights and talking about life, or as John Denver once sang ‘talking about poems and prayers and promises, things that we believe in, how right it is to care”.

For even more great ideas on how to celebrate National Cocoa day try visiting Nashua Nurition for great healthy foods and recipies. Take the time to see all the wonderful great tasting foods that can be accomplished with cocoa and you will see the reason to have a National Cocoa Day. You may have to ask for the day off.