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Millennials are Foodies: Designing for Millennials

Customization and High-quality ingredients are extremely important to Millennials when it comes to choosing a brilliant destination. It always makes them feel more at home like they belong there. Millennials are also different when it comes to choosing where to eat. Taste, accuracy, and speed service are imperative to them. This is their biggest pet peeve and all the three represent home and lifestyle to them. They like both full-serve and quick-serve eateries this trend continues even with delivery and take out.

As the Millennials travel through the world, they become accustomed to certain amenities of certain hotels and brands. This brand and hotels match their location and define their standard of living. One location that has a special place in their hearts and where they frequent stay is the city of Boston. Millennials love Boston because the food culture differs from most other cities. The city strives to boost business and restaurants that tend to inspire a new world of experiences to the Millennials market.

Millennials love new experiences, especially for when it comes to the food culture; they don’t like the traditional baked beans or canned foods from the supermarket and that’s why they are called foodies. They like adventure, they also like the Indians and Puritan’s ancestral adventure style of creating small plates perfect for tasting menus. This small plate style is now becoming a trend. A great network of restaurants in Boston is using small plates to develop spontaneous taste buds to share among friends. The use of small plate encourages customers to spend a more entertaining night out to try new samples seasonal dishes.

Boston restaurants using small plates tend to create a different way of dining for millennial who enjoy different food cultures. Most of them enjoy using them whether its high-quality meal, wholesome and less processed or appetizers. Design-wise, the small plates mean more space with plenty of food and new experiences.

Millennial media continue building its presence in the digital market. They have come up with several Apps that deliver orders directly to their homes. Apps like Doordash, Seamless, Foodler, Ubereats and Grudhub are favorites among Millennials. These apps make it easier for Millennials to search for restaurants with local menus near them. They view food as entertainment and self-expression and they like different food cultures hence the name foodies. To learn how to feature the new trend of small plates is to upsell your restaurant with our Boston tasting community. Join our community newsletter to experience local treats that you did not know existed.

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