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List of Restaurants with Halal Food in Medan

When you are traveling to Medan, the culinary travel is something that you have to do since there are a lot of culinary spots that you can find in Medan. Unfortunately, when you are visiting this city, you will need to make sure that you are choosing the restaurants with halal food in Medan , especially if you are a Moslem. The main reason is because there are a lot of restaurants with different cuisines that you can find in Medan and not all of those restaurants offer you the food that Moslems can eat. Therefore, the halal foods are something that you need to pick. If you do not know the best restaurants to serve you the halal foods that you can find in Medan, some of these restaurants might be worth to try.

  • The first one that you can try is Sate Padang Al-Fresco. This place can be considered as one of the best place in Medan where you can eat the tasty satay in Medan. Even though the satay comes with the traditional Padang style, you can find this tasty satay in Medan. With the main material of beef, you can make sure that there is nothing to worry about when you want to eat this food even though if you are a Moslem. For your information, this restaurant opens from seven in the evening so that you can only taste this culinary at night in Medan.
  • The second one is Soto Kesawan Enak Tenan. This restaurant is the next place that you need to visit if you are looking for halal and tasty food in Medan. If you have learned a little bit about the Indonesian language, you will notice that the name of Enak Tenan comes from the java region and that is true since the taste of local Javanese soup can be found on this restaurant. Since the majority of the Javanese people are Moslem, the ingredients of this soup are also halal for you to eat as a Moslem.
  • The third one is Canai Bread. This one can be considered as the real Malay product that you need to try. The tasty bread with a little bit of crispy textures will be something that you love from this city. As an addition to that, the spicy lamb curry for the sauce will be something that will take your appetite to the top. For your information, this Malayan culinary can be considered as something that you will never find in many other places, especially in Indonesia so that you have to try this one while you are in Medan.

Those are some nice restaurants with halal food in Medan that you can try. Basically, there are still a lot of more restaurants with the halal foods that you can simply find in Medan, but there are also a lot of restaurants that serve something that a Moslem should not eat. Therefore, pick the restaurant carefully to make sure that you will not eat something that you should not eat.