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Inquire Cross Contamination Factors In Gluten Free Restaurants

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Eating gluten free food is a good practice and choice but there is a chance of cross contamination in gluten free food and therefore you should be careful about choosing a restaurant that claims to service gluten free foods. The best way to do so is to ask questions about the food, its preparation process and much more rather than rely on the pictures and information you can gather from the internet. However, given the busy schedule that you have to follow daily you may find pressed for time to do some research.

Question the Chef or Server

If you are seated at a restaurant and are still unsure about the guarantee of gluten free food, here are some useful tips to navigate you through. Most people start with questioning about the food to the server or chef of the gluten free restaurants to find whether or not they serve glutenfree meals.However, asking question to the chef or the manager will be better than asking the server as they may be unsure about the fact and confirm it is gluten free without knowing. Therefore, get to the source directly.

Be Clear About The Kitchen

It is not the ingredients that are responsible for the food to be gluten free San Diego that you should be caring but you must also look into the cross contamination factor of the food. It is essential that the kitchen of the restaurant is not only clean but is also separate from the non-gluten food to eliminate chances of cross contamination. You must be extra careful if you choose to eat in a busy restaurant as it will be a challenge to prepare special meals amidst the chaos in the kitchen, which is a usual scenario in all restaurant kitchens.

Traces Of Non-Gluten Food

Often there are traces of non-gluten food left in the utensils, the pan and also on the kitchen surface which can contaminate gluten free San Diego food. Therefore, you should also check these out to be sure. Modern diners are very health conscious and most modern restaurants allow their customers to visit their kitchen to check about the hygiene factor themselves and therefore such checking will not be a problem. If you are not allowed then you should move on to the next.

Choice Of Food Types

The type of food you choose is also a factor as most of the Japanese and Italian food contains gluten due to the use of soy sauce and other ingredients in the food. Choose for Mexican, Indian, South American and Thai food as these are often gluten free as these are made from rice and corns. You will find that most gluten free restaurants have these food types included in their menu.