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How to Plan a Perfect Dinner Party

Everybody likes to host parties or dinners but they do not turn out too great always mostly because you wanted to do much more and ended up not finishing much. This happens when you are unorganized and want to experiment in the kitchen when you shouldn’t start trying new things.

If you want to try a complicated cake this is not the time to see if you can really make it. Making easy pancakes might just be a lot easier and disaster free.

But if you make a list and follow these basic ideas you will be able to throw an effortless dinner party.

Basic rules for a perfect dinner party

  • Confirm the number of guests that are coming to be sure you do not buy or cook too much. This would help you organize the number of dishes you need to prepare and how much time you allocate for cooking and setting up the table.

  • Prepare easy recipes you’ve tried before. Do not experiment that day. Go for the ones that your friends love and that you know you never went wrong with them.

  • If you have guests that prefer different types of food and you are afraid you might not please everyone, just try variations. Appetizers are an easy way to please everyone. Humus, cheeses, spring rolls, meatballs, cheese balls, fresh veggies and dips. Surely everyone will find something they like. Try making basic dishes that everyone can mix and match. Like sauces, toppings and maybe two garnishes. Go for easy recipes that you can make fast.

  • Don’t forget about desserts. If you don’t have much time, try preparing it a few days in advance. Maybe an icecream you can throw in the icecream maker just before they arrive so you can get a soft serve just at the right time.

  • Details are always great. Special dinner plates and maybe even a printed menu might just spice things up. Try adding natural flowers to your dinner table and maybe some fancy candles to make the atmosphere more cozy.

Dinner parties can surely be fun if you do not stress too much about them and try to enjoy every moment. Pick the right recipes and you won’t have any problems!