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Food Production Movements That Continue Influencing In 2018

Something every being has in common is food. We need it for nourishment. Many of us go several steps further to partake in food as a source of enjoyment. Technological and creative advances have changed the way we prepare, view, and savor our food. Trends aim to satisfy needs like those in wellness, food supply, and marketing. Like the previous times, Mintel breaks down food manufacturing product and service trends this year.

Demanding the Truth

Many consumers don’t trust the practices of food manufacturers and suppliers. They don’t feel they are safe and don’t have confidence in what they read on food labels. These feelings come with a reason. Many have exposed harmful ingredients on food labels. Some like, trisodium phosphate, are also on the shelves of hardware stores. Others are heavy metals.

There have also been allowances for certain amounts of rat hair and other substances in boxed food products. As consumers discover these truths, they become less trusting of those bringing food to grocery store shelves. They’re not confident that those ultimately bringing food to their tables have their best interests at heart. Today, they want the full truth about what’s in their food and the choice of whether to eat it.

Tantalizing Textures

Texture is the new flavor for 2018. Foodies and food reviewers are in for a treat they’ll be eager to document. People try certain foods to satisfy their craving for experience. The satisfaction of multiple senses at once is intriguing. This year’s focus on texture will give consumers plenty of crunchy, chewy, foods and drinks to share. Pop-rock cookies and texture filled drinks are a few products on the menu.

Lab to Table Food

The shortage of food supply will move science and technology to new heights. They’ll move agricultural practices from traditional farming to the lab. GMO presents traces of this with positive and negative reviews. The goal is not to merely enhance flavors, but to improve nutritional value. Science aims to shorten the food and drink production process while enhancing the benefits.

More than Just Food

People are seeking balance within their fast-paced lifestyles. Rising healthcare costs motivate them to take more control of their wellbeing. They continue to value health and fitness while still incorporating the 80/20 nutrition over fitness rule. As consumers view food as the primary source of wellness, they’ll seek convenient ways to fulfill their unique emotional, physical, and nutritional needs.

Taking it Personal

Both products and marketing will continue a strategy that’s working. Personalized labels, products, and advertising have proven a successful trend. People want to stand out and new trends aim to help. They’ll also continue to push promotion that targets preferences based on user information. Tailored product suggestions and auto delivery will work to efficiently get consumers their favorite products.

From Mintel’s report, it’s evident that some trends will outlast others. Many consumers continue migrating toward what’s real and natural versus what’s fast and fake. Booming social media platforms also give options for food promotion of all types. In all areas, consumers lead the way. Their actions and voices will shape future evolutions in food production.