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ExcellentCocktail Party Catering in Hong Kong


For cocktail party catering in Hong Kong , Shamrock Catering is an excellent choice. With 20 plus years of experience of fabulous cocktail party catering, Shamrock Catering assures cardinal catering services that form an unforgettable experience for guests and their hosts.

As one of the prime cocktail party catering in the Pearl of the Orient, Shamrock Catering knows that the heart of a cocktail party is in the beverages served. Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages are served, not wanting to make non drinkers feel left out. Excellent mixes of beverages render a highly successful and enjoyable cocktail party that leaves everyone pleased is what Shamrock Catering service forwards. The bar staff and waiter staff are trained and the additional offer of drinks bar service are just ways Shamrock Catering’s way to be holistic.

The highlight of a cocktail party is the tiny parcels of bite size savoury and sweet morsels that explode into a rainbow of flavours in the mouth. Trust Shamrock Catering service to come up with mouth watering canapés that are prepared from scratch, made to steal attention.

The food is custom made to suit the theme of the cocktail party. The chefs behind Shamrock Catering prepare the canapés using only the freshest, natural and choicest ingredients – never compromising on quality. This means the food is also free from additives. The canapés are assembled at the party so that they stay fresh and bouncy and mostly simply sumptuous.

Shamrock Catering’s Catering service takes out the fuss in cocktail parties – the hosts of the parties need not worry on whether the party is running like a well oiled engine or a rusty one, whereby it has hiccups. The experienced team behind Shamrock catering service will ensure that the hosts of the cocktail parties relax and socialize, taking a backseat from organising and coordinating – they will take care of everything.

Shamrock Catering will rock any cocktail party of any theme by the virtue of their quality services. For more information, visit