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Dining out is just about the food, is it?

Why does one like to reserve a table at the best restaurant in Amritsar for the most special occasions? Why do you always want to take your date to your favorite restaurant? Is it just about the food or there is more to it or it is about the experience the restaurant has to offer?

Whether it’s about top restaurants in Amritsar or elsewhere- when eating out, the food is one part of the experience rather the most important part of the experience. However, the rest of the factors count as well: the mood, the atmosphere, the feeling, the service, the design and the decor. There must be a perfect harmony between the food on your plate and everything else that surrounds the plate. Let’s see how does a restaurant give this experience to the guests.

If we look at these aspects individually, the food is of utmost importance. First and foremost, comes the food that must be delicious. However, only luscious food is not enough! The food must be visually appealing. The dishes must have a bold and colorful presentation. This can give your guests’ an exceptional dining experience.

With the looks of the food, it is the menu of the restaurant that matters too. A detailed menu that marks out the specials and spice levels help the guests make better and clearer choices. The menu shouldn’t only be well written, it must also look trendy and classy. For example, for the best non- vegetarian food in Amritsar – The first restaurant, I think about is Bemissal at Green Avenue- their menu clearly highlights the specialties and makes my choice easier.

The mood of the restaurant greatly influences the mood of the guests. We love dining at pleasant places as they make the food even tastier. The lighting and the music in the restaurant play a great deal in enhancing our mood and uplifts the food too. It is imperative that with occasions the feel of the restaurant must also be altered. Romantic music around Valentines’ Day will make the evening memorable for the guests. One must keep in mind that the guests come to the restaurants not just for the food but also to have a great time away from routine life.

The seating comfort combined with a tasteful decor is also a deal maker when it’s about impressing the guests. The chairs and couches must be cozy. An agreeable seating makes a meal enjoyable.

However, in the food and hospital business, one cannot impress the guests without an impeccable service. Even the best of food is useless without a great service. A service, that includes an attentive staff, polite language, respectful gestures and a smile makes the best dining experience. If the service is average, the best food will fail to impress the customers. So, there can be no compromise in service.

While food is certainly the spotlight of a restaurant, a holistic dining experience is what the customers want. Keep in mind for the guests eating out is not just about food, It’s the experience.