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Best Time to Visit Lake Toba

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Frankly, the best time to go to Lake Toba is after a few days of pleasure, but demanding jungle hiking. However the most effective seasonal time to visit Lake Toba is during the dry season – between May and September. The month of May is most likely the best – because that is when the weather is changing out of marginally cool to warm. As the summertime progress, it is going to get warmer and there can even be sudden rains. It is wise idea of avoiding the winter months, as there’s a lot of rain. Additionally, the Chinese New Year tends to bring in hordes of tourists and Lake Toba can get expensive and crowded.

The Best Way to Get to Lake Toba

At Lake Toba, it is ideal to venture to Medan Polonia International Airport and after that journey overland from Medan to Parapat that is the nearest town to Lake Toba. It’ll take you about 4 hours by private car or taxi cab and around 5 hours out of bus. The public buses are a lot for budget travelers – costing around IDR 35, 000 – 40, 000. Please bear in mind that buses may get really busy and smoking is allowed on public transport, which could be a bit much to survive on a five hour journey.

In case you are not on too tight a spending budget, we recommend having a taxi cab service to acquire at Parapat. You won’t have to pay the full cost – these taxi cab services are similar to miniature trucks and chair around seven passengers. You are able to book a place in a single through your hotel in Medan. The buses and taxi cab service will drop you off at the ferry departure point in Parapat. Ferries leave every few hours so that you can cruise through Parapat and research its distinct restaurants and markets. The expense of the ferry is about IDR 7, 000 one way. Simply tell the ferry driver the name of your hotel. Remember that the final ferry is about 6 PM, which means you will need to spend a night in Parapat in case you arrive late. Do not be concerned, nevertheless, Parapat is very intriguing in itself.

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