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Alternative sweeteners that will help you maintain better health

Today we live in a society that is increasingly health conscious. With various diets like the vegan diet and paleo diet taking over, people are constantly looking for alternates to replace the food they used to eat almost every day. Vegetarian meat for those following veganism is one example. Aside from drastic changes like vegetarian meat, healthier options are constantly being produced and consumed by people looking for a change in their diet as well. One such option is changing to organic coconut sugar instead of regular sugar, made from the sap of the coconut palm.

How is it better than regular sugar?

The Glycaemic Index (GI) is a number that varies from food item to food item that indicates how much the item will affect the consumer’s glucose levels, the higher the GI, the greater the affect. Regular sugar has a GI of 68, while coconut sugar has a GI of only 35. This makes coconut sugar much healthier to consume. As compared to cane sugar, coconut sugar being one of the natural sweeteners has more health benefits and nutrients. Moreover, coconut sugar is more environment-friendly with it being called a ‘sustainable sweetener.’

Where to Get It and Where to Use It

One can go online in order to buy coconut sugar. Online sellers like Amazon sell a variety of brands promoting the usage of this healthier alternative. One can blend it or dissolve it in liquid and though it is slightly coarser than regular sugar, it works well as a replacement and one can use it for baking purposes without any worries.

Who Should Use Coconut Sugar to Benefit Their Health

Those with diabetes can bring down their blood sugar levels and control it with coconut sugar. They even help those with obesity since it is slowly digested, making the consumer feel fuller. Therefore, coconut sugar proves to have a number of health benefits.

A great thing about coconut sugar is the fact that this sweetener is kosher approved as well as vegan, making it useful to all sections of society and different kinds of diets. It contains Zinc, Magnesium and Iron (amongst others) that are known to have great effects on the body.