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3 Best Customized Pizza Specials That You Must Try

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Delighted to be in Montreal and hunting down the streets to enjoy a fine dine option? Then what’s better than enjoying the flavors of freshly cooked pizzas with a twist of fresh vegetables and meats. If so, Double Pizza restaurant is sure to offer an unforgettable taste that lingers for long. Whether ordering for self or hosting a number of people, you can order from a bundle of specialties to save money while getting your hands on the best pizzas on the menu. The 3 combos that you must try are given below.

  1. 2 Medium Pizzas With 4 Cans

Curated for 2 people, this package gives you the option to pick any 2 medium pizzas between Hawaiian pizza, cheese pizza, All dressed pizza, and vegetarian pizza.

  1. 1 Large Pizza With Small Fries And 2 Cans

Sufficient for a filling lunch for one person, this combo gives you the option to choose any 1 large pizza between cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza. You can also customize the combo further by merely giving extra 5 dollars to add small poutine with chicken bites in the place of small fries.

  1. 2 Medium Pizzas With McCain Chocolate Cake And Small Fries

This combo is curated for the likes of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. You get to pick any 2 medium pizzas from a selection of pepperoni pizza, Hawaiian pizza, cheese pizza, vegetarian pizza, Mexican pizza, and All Dressed pizza. The company of small fries and a chocolate cake completes the combo to a full meal.

5 Best Pizzas That You Must Taste

You should be aware of what goes into making scrumptious pizzas at Double Cheese and the guide below will take you through the 5 best pizzas offered by this Canadian pizza house.

  1. Pepperoni Pizza – This non-veg pizza has a soft base plastered with pepperoni, filled with cheese, and garnished with fresh tomato slices
  2. Hawaiian Pizza – If you yearn for sweet tasting pizzas, then Hawaiian pizza is the right choice. Made with cheese, tomato sauce, and ham, this pizza gets its sweetness from pineapple toppings
  3. Any Garnie Pizza – The flatbread of this pizza is housed with cheese, pepperoni, tomato sauce, mushrooms, and green peppers
  4. Quebec Pizza – Yet another fine choice for non-vegetarians, the Quebec pizza is known for its exquisite blend of pepperoni and tomato sauce with cheese, mushrooms, and bacon
  5. Mediterranean Pizza – This veg pizza can rightly be called an aphrodisiac delight since it contains olives. Other than olives, it also contains cheese, mushrooms, kalamata, tomatoes, parmesan, and feta