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2018 Coachella Trip Planner: The Ultimate Camping Guide For The Gang

Buckle up, folks! The much awaited and hottest music festival of this generation is about to begin and people need the perfect 2018 Coachella trip planner for the ultimate squad experience. Most people prep up for the essentials such as bringing their portable gadget chargers, GoPro cameras, and sunblock products. Although most of the attendees feel that those are about everything that you’ll ever need in a music festival… think again! It won’t be as enjoyable and fun without the perfect stake-out package for maximum comfort. Fret not – we bring you the ultimate 2018 Coachella Trip Planner –

Stake-Out Like A Pro

The 2018 Coachella Music Festival is not just a one-day, all-out concert. People need to stay for a good three days to enjoy every famous artist perform, how fireworks make the experience magical, and how amazing it is to meet random people. Unlike going to the bars or attending the concert, this phenomenal experience brings people together for longer periods of time and celebrate the joy that music brings to each person. Given that, attendees need to be prepared to camp a full three-day stakeout!

First off, the centerpiece of each person’s corner in the camping grounds is a sturdy, pop-up cabana. It will keep everyone from getting burnt under the sun for hours. The most feasible choice for a pop-up is that which has tarps with zip ties. This type of shade gives people the privacy that they need when they’re resting from the festivities. Having a sturdy and compact pop-up cabana also shields from the strong breeze and possible sandstorms that may come Coachella’s way. Therefore, if you plan on attending with some flair, style, and feel comfortable the entire three days, bringing a pop-up cabana is the perfect way to go.

Barbecue Is The Way

The most important part about camping is bringing the best pellet grills along. Partying for three days will definitely make everyone hungry most of the time and canned goods may destroy the epic trip altogether. It would be amazingly convenient if the gang can camp in Coachella and actually get to eat the food that most campers enjoy while out on a trip.

Kebabs and grilled meat are the most feasible food to chew on while in Coachella. Simply marinade the meat before traveling for Cali and it will taste phenomenal by the time it goes on the pellet grill. In fact, the best pellet grills usually come with luxurious features such as a tray and side shelf. Therefore, if campers bring this amazing appliance along, everyone will love the getaways as if they were enjoying the best-grilled food within the comforts of their home.

The Foldables

Coachella would not be complete without a place to chill when people are not feeling the crowd. Make sure to bring along foldable furniture that is easy to set up and put away. The feature would come in handy whenever people get together with other groups and fuse their areas.

Next is making sure that everyone has access to a battery-powered fan. The festival had been known to happen during the hottest times in California. Thus, everyone is going to need shade and some fresh air to beat the heat.

Since the music festival lasts for three days, sitting down for longer periods of time may help in addressing the long nights. Moreover, since the heat will be scorching by then, bringing a hammock along would not be such a bad idea. It provides maximum comfort for those who wish to take a quick nap or sleep by the trailer truck. Either way, packing furniture and bringing it to the party provides better opportunities for hanging out and conversing with the gang or with other people whenever the party gets boring.

Beat The Heat

No one lasts in 2018 Coachella Music Festival without packing up the most important necessity of all – quick-to-cook and healthy food. To prevent dehydration, attendees should pack up pre-cut watermelon slices and frozen grapes in the cooler.

Since the 2018 Coachella Music Festival is set at a date that’s going to be very hot, everyone needs water. Packing a cooler with dry ice would be the best way to keep cool under the heat and prevent health issues such as dehydration and migraine.

Finally, people would want to bring their very own solar shower along. Although there would be shower stations all around the festival vicinity, you would have to wait for longer periods of time before you can get wet under the heat. However, if you fill up solar showers with melted water in the cooler the entire trip, everyone would have enough water source for a quick freshening up moment.


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